Photo: Scarlet Page / Courtesy of Chummy Press

Presenting Travis in Conversation with Steve Lillywhite (premiere)

Travis recently engaged in a video interview with producer Steve Lillywhite to discuss their rocking 1997 debut album ‘Good Feeling’.

All four members of Scottish rock band Travis recently engaged in a video interview with producer Steve Lillywhite, who has worked with U2, The Rolling Stones, Morrissey, Peter Gabriel. Twenty-four years ago, Britpop was on its last legs, and a moodier and artier form of UK rock took over, spearheaded by Radiohead‘s more experimental approach. Lillywhite worked with Travis on their rocking 1997 debut album Good Feeling, which is being reissued on vinyl for the first time on 2 April via Craft Recordings.

Interestingly, Travis would move beyond the rockier elements of Good Feeling to embrace a particularly British form of folk-rock on later albums, including their best work, 2000’s The Man Who, which was one of the new century’s best albums, laden with memorable songs that would form the future basis of their sound. But back in 1997, Travis were still holding the flag high for alternative rock and had the Noel Gallagher seal of approval. That they shifted with the zeitgeist was only further proof of their musical skills and talents.

In this new interview, the Travis members reminisce about their early days and the development of Good Feeling with their former producer Lillywhite. Part one debuted yesterday on YouTube, but we have Part two for you right here. The full interview will premiere on the Travis’ YouTube channel tomorrow (3/26) at 5:00 pm UK / 1:00 pm EDT.