Turin Brakes - "Keep Me Around" (video) (premiere)

British folk rock band Turin Brakes return on January 29th with a brand new record, Lost Property, and more melodic hooks that never quit.

England's Turin Brakes warmed up the early '00s with a series of superb, beautifully composed folk rock albums that featured melodic hooks that just never quit. They have been a bit out of the limelight in the US for the past few years, but they have been steadily releasing gorgeous records since 2001's The Optimist LP.

This new video for the single "Keep Me Around" is an acoustic take on the tune that uses a spare arrangement to highlight the strength of the song. Turin Brakes haven't lost a touch. This new music is every bit as exciting and appealing as their early albums.

Vocalist Olly Knights said he likes “The idea of the title, ‘Keep Me Around’ as having a slightly metaphysical feel within the context of the song -- keeping the idea of someone around you; after all, what is love but an idea in our minds..?”

Lost Property releases on January 29th via Cooking Vinyl.

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