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Tweed & Hyenas - "OPTA" (audio) (premiere)

Tweed & Hyenas capture the dreamy greyness of London on "OPTA".

NX Records is a label formed by Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records and Goldsmiths and they focus on showcasing new and emerging from southeast London. NX has made a name for itself with its Crossing Lines series and now they are releasing the third installment in the series on November 20th.

Tweed & Hyenas is one such up and coming London group and their tune captures the dreamy greyness of the nation's capitol in most compelling fashion. It's a track that should please fans of Underworld's Karl Hyde, even though this is moody indie pop, rather than electronic music.

"The song was written in the French alps, in a place that was beautifully eerie in an almost threatening way. I drew similarities to The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. The reason why I wanted a timpani in the music was not only practical substitution of the bass, but also a reference to Bela Bartok's "Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta" that was also used in the film; timpani being one of the prominent instruments in the score."

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