Twin Peaks: The Definitive Gold Box Edition [$99.99]

Bill Gibron

For fans of David Lynch’s delightfully obtuse hour long drama, previously released DVD versions were missing two major elements -- the original pilot and input from the director himself. This latest digital incarnation hopes to change all that. The noted filmmaker personally oversaw the new transfers of the episodes, hoping to recapture the specific color schemes he designed. Equally important, the opening installment of the series has been preserved, including both original and ‘theatrical’ endings (which wrapped things up for international audience unable to follow the series). The show itself remains as majestic as ever -- that is, until Season Two.

A Musical Chameleon: An Interview with Morcheeba

One year since the release of Morcheeba's Blaze Away, the band unleash a special edition full of remixes, which leads to questions of how their process works, how some songs got remixes and others didn't, and what the next 20 years of Morcheeba look like.

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