Photo: Courtesy of Earshot Media

Ty Trehern Explores Letting Go With “Better Off” (premiere)

"Better Off" highlights alternative pop's Ty Trehern's marriage of dark and light. "There is a difference between wants and needs," he says.

Ty Trehern‘s latest release, Dear Dichotomy, is out 23 October. The Mississippi-based singer-songwriter marries a variety of influences in his music, as exemplified on his new single, “Better Off”.

“Sometimes, we find ourselves in relationships that hold us back from things we want in our lives, whether it be a dream, a personal goal, a break from routine, or a sense of self,” he says. “This can be hard for someone to realize and deal with, especially when you still care about the other person and have to accept the fact that while you may still love them and want to be with them, there is a difference between wants and needs. ‘Better Off’ explores that difference by talking about coming to terms with the need to be alone and the process of communicating that with a significant other.”

It’s fitting that “Better Off” comes from an album entitled Dear Dichotomy. The track is a confluence of heavy, dark music and pop sensibilities: Some moments will appeal to fans of acoustic-driven neo-grunge, but the soaring vocals and radio-ready beats offer sweetness to the tune that makes it widely accessible.

Trehern opted for a video that captured the emotional tug-of-war heard in the song without necessarily serving as a literal interpretation. “I wanted to involve a narrative that was unique to the video while still staying true to the song,” he notes. “I’m so fortunate to have been able to work with Alexander Breaux, who introduced a ton of different ideas and concepts to the project and brought everything to life in such a special way. We managed to shoot everything over three days with an extremely small DIY setup and had such a blast doing it. I couldn’t be prouder of what we were able to create and can’t wait to work with him on more projects in the future.”