Tyler, the Creator - "Perfect" feat. Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstein

A striking level of both daring and maturity emerges in the songwriting ability of Tyler, the Creator on this track.

Chad Miller: A track that nails the balance between evoking the past and pointing towards the future. Kali Uchis does an excellent job as the lead vocalist, giving the song a jazzy feel. Also, the sound shift as the song approaches its second minute provides a nice tonal change before the song ends, almost like the track is cooling down. It’s refreshing to hear. [8/10]

Jasper Bruce: A striking level of both daring and maturity emerges in the songwriting ability of Tyler, the Creator on this track. If you're expecting to crank the volume to roll with the boyz as Tyler muses about his plethora of sexual adventures as per usual, you're probably going to come away disappointed from this one. This new direction in lyrics is only the beginning, however, as the West Coast hip-hop titan dabbles more readily in psychedelic influences (Austin Feinstein's dreamy guitar setting comes to mind) than ever before. The instances of melting hip-hop and psychedelic conventions together are especially powerful. The fluid backing vocals in the early portion of the song are a notable example of this. I'm also a fan of the relaxed beat here. No sort of aggression radiates from this song, so it's a perceptive choice to extend this to the lighter snare drum tone which eventually cuts out altogether. Including Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstein is a wise move; the listener is treated to a smorgasbord of vocal stylings that are very much at home in a tune which itself draws upon a range of different, exciting sounds. [8/10]

Magdalen Jenne: It's sort of shocking to see something this toothless from Tyler the Creator. It's a very tidy little song with well-chosen guests, it's well-produced, it's boring. [5/10]

Emmanuel Elone: The druggy vibe of the song is interesting, and Kali's vocals are attention-grabbing. I like the lyrics as well, and the whole song sounds like an old R&B track performed by lethargic drug addicts in a studio. It's is the type of music that requires you to be in a certain mind frame, but anyone who's a fan of OFWGKTA will like it. [6/10]

SCORE: 6.75

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