Typhoid Rosie Takes Listeners on a Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey with "Sailing On" (premiere)

Brooklyn punk/indie outfit Typhoid Rosie wants loud amps and loud vocals to serve as a uniting factor.

Brooklyn's Typhoid Rosie releases its next sonic adventure, This Is Now on 23 March but newcomers sand longtime devotees can catch a glimpse of the fun Rosie Rebel and her band of merrymakers are up to via the single "Sailing On". With gang vocals and a gritty, rebellious attitude you might not suspect that the tune has some deep and highbrow inspiration.

Lead vocalist Rebel explains its origins: "It was inspired by Homer's The Odyssey," the singer offers. "Odysseus is faced with every obstacle and temptation but fights as hard as he could to get home. Life is like that: sometimes we have to endure incredible turbulence and storms. I thought about how poor Odysseus had to endure the anger of Poseidon, and all he could do was hold on to a rock while he was being pounded by the waves. He had no shelter to weather the storm, but his memories somehow carried him through those dark times. So when I wrote this song, I thought about life and all the things in it that are worth fighting for. But more than that, the song is about 'us' and how we should fight for it together. When we work together, there's nothing humanity can't accomplish."

This Is Now will be available in both the digital and vinyl domains and may be ordered here.

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