"Big Tits Zombie": Japan Can Do Ironic Too

The ostensibly real and not-at-all-fake Japanese film Big Tits Zombie might be dismissed by an American audience fed on the "Japan is weird" line as confirmation of their tar-brush beliefs. But surely, a cynical Western perspective must recognize blatant irony when it sees it.


Poldark Series I

Poldark hits all the right notes for a period piece: the roguish, conflicted hero, numerous intertwined backstories, a mess of romantic subplots, and a timeless, dramatic background -- and sexy British accents.


The Beiderbecke Connection

A throwback to mid-20th century detective-mystery TV, the sort of TV that would seem to be too improbable to exist today, The Beiderbecke Connection is a rare triumph of unusual undertaking.


Alice in Wonderland

The fractured story-telling, its defiance of convention, and absorbing photography bring to fresh relief Lewis Carroll’s otherworldly social criticism of the absurd life of bourgeois England.


Underwear as Outerwear

Women have been flaunting their underwear for so long now we raise nary an eyebrow at the sighting of a g-string; but men were displaying their undies long before women even raised their hemlines.


The Mods: A Very British Coup

PopMatters debuts our new fashion column. Swinging London’s Mods were at the cutting edge of the fashion world, setting a trend of rebellious dress that altered practically nothing from the standards of contemporary British society.

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