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Sole: No Wising Up No Settling Down

Sole's latest release is sure to be a polarizing one, and proves itself to be one of the more interesting, if not frustrating, listens in recent memory.


Black Canyon


Planet Asia & Gensu Dean: Abrasions

Planet Asia has done his fair share of collaborations over the course of his impressive 15 year career, but does his latest with the relatively unknown Gensu Dean stand out as a career highlight, or is it simply just another day at the office?


Various Artists: Dual Form

Stones Throw and Leaving Records team up for one of the most unique and experimental albums in recent memory. But do the fiercely independent artists found within have what it takes to hang with the big boys?


Myka 9 & Factor: Sovereign Soul

Two of the most creative artists hip-hop has to offer have come together for a full album. Will the duo succeed in creating their masterpiece, or buckle under the weight of their own ambitions?


Various Artists: The Man With The Iron Fist

The Man With the Iron Fist is not only the best soundtrack of the year, it's one of the year's best albums overall.


Soul Temple Entertainment


DJ Shadow: Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow

While most greatest hits album serve as nothing more than a simple cash-grab, fans may be hesitant to check out the latest from DJ Shadow. Thankfully, this compilation aims to please new fans, and purist alike, and adds another essential piece to the DJ Shadow legacy.


7even Thirty: Heaven's Computer

The weight of a concept album is enough to crush even the best of musicians, so how does newcomer 7even Thirty hold up when releasing one as his debut?

Adam Maylone

Murs X Fashawn: This Generation

For some artist, working together is an inevitability. Murs and Fashawn are two such artists. But when bringing together two musicians with such similar styles, can they offer up enough unique music to warrant the collaboration?

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