Composer Kosta Jevtić Offers 'Reflections on a Journey' to the Mediterranean

Serbian composer Kosta Jevtić evokes the clement Mediterranean in solo piano form on the brilliant new album, Reflections on a Journey.


Kari Rueslåtten's Sublime Voice Powers Sørgekåpe's Best Moments

Norwegian singer Kari Rueslåtten swings between darkly atmospheric folk and overproduced pop on her new album Sørgekåpe.


Arab-American Songwriter Naima Shalhoub Sings of "Two (Rivers in the Desert)" (premiere)

Naima Shalhoub finds healing waters in her new video for the single "Two (Rivers in the Desert)".


Malian Desert Rockers Tamikrest Advocate for Unity and Diversity on 'Tamotaït'

Tamikrest's Tamotaït adds a welcome lyrical side to their brand of Saharan desert rock. The group advocate for both unity and diversity in wonderfully dulcet tones.


Latin Folkies Cuñao Create a Luscious Listen with 'Rayuela'

Latin folk group Cuñao grounds dreamlike music in thoughtful, thematic depth on their sophomore release, Rayuela.


Dumama and Kechou Explore Folk, Dub and Free Jazz on the Splendid 'Buffering Juju'

Folklore, dub, and free jazz unite in Dumama and Kechou's new concept album, Buffering Juju. The duo confront the past and the present, taking on not only legacies of pain, but legacies of thriving through it.


Ben & Winnie Update the Tango on "La Próxima Traición" (premiere)

Tango duo Ben & Winnie revel in creative revolution in the video for new composition "La Próxima Traición".


The Seshen Are "Faster Than Before" on New Single (premiere)

Electrosoul group the Seshen's "Faster Than Before" offers psychological depths over sensational electronic sonics.


Greece's Evritiki Zygia Hypnotize with Thracian Psychedelic Folk on 'Ormenion'

Evritiki Zygia's Ormenion has a ferocity that speaks to the tenacity of old traditions as well as to a progressive spirit. It's nothing short of hypnotic.


Flume feat. Toro y Moi - "The Difference" (Singles Going Steady)

Flume and Toro y Moi team up for a tasty slice of electropop on "The Difference". For its brevity, this track has a lot to say.


El Búho and DJ Raff Celebrate Chilean Social Resistance with "Resiliencia" (premiere)

Producers El Búho and DJ Raff pay electronic tribute to a Chilean spirit of social resistance with the subtle new single "Resiliencia".


Afrofuturists ONIPA Offer Uplifting, High-Energy Music via 'We No Be Machine'

London-based Afrofuturist band, ONIPA frame discussions of humanity within a pan-African sonic context on their brilliant debut, We No Be Machine.


Céu Goes Electropop on "Coreto" (premiere)

Brazil's Céu continues to bridge the gap between indie and mainstream with the soulful new electropop single "Coreto".


Son Rompe Pera's 'Batuco' Challenges Notions of Punk and Cumbia

Marimba-driven cumbia punk sounds celebrate the old and new on Son Rompe Pera's debut album Batuco.


Cuba's Ibrahim Ferrer Is Celebrated with a Re-Issue of 'Buenos Hermano'

A remixed reissue of Ibrahim Ferrer's Buenos Hermanos brings one of Cuba's most iconic voices back into the spotlight.


Pour Me a Grog: The Funaná Revolt in 1990s Cabo Verde

Ostinato Records presents an array of revolutionary musicians on the impassioned funaná compilation, Pour Me a Grog.


Jazz-pop's Joe Kye Advocates for Immigrant Families on "Stick on Me" (premiere)

Joe Kye's songbird-sweet voice is as dynamic as his nimble string work, his chorus the kind that sticks in the head for all the right reasons.


Sunny Jain's Impressive 'Wild Wild East' Is a Compelling Call for Human Rights

Brooklyn bhangra heavyweight Sunny Jain draws on jazz, rock, and folk in a new, anti-xenophobia album Wild Wild East.


Svetlana Gets "Happy" with a Pharrell Williams Cover (premiere)

Singer Svetlana brings joy and jazz to a cover of Pharrell Williams' positive pop hit "Happy".

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