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House of Cards?: DC's Reboot of 52 Core Titles

We've been here before. DC's reboot of 52 core titles is exactly the rejuvenation the industry's been crying for. No wait, it's a cynical marketing ploy. No wait, it's a way to recapture the former glory of an era when comics was the cultural mainstream. The truth is we just don't know how DC's reboot will play out.

Alec Berry

The Writing on the Wall: How 'The Unwritten' Fails to Meet Its Own Hype

When The Unwritten first appeared in print, it promised to be unique and endearing if for nothing other than its peerless high concept. Ironically it's writer Mike Carey's reliance on this high concept that provides savvy readers with insight into the dangers of the high concept in general.

Alec Berry

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