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Tedo Stone Concocts Glammy Pop Earworms on 'Same Old Kid'

Tedo Stone's Same Old Kid finds him crafting catchy indie pop that's nostalgic without losing a sense of the present.


The 10 Best Americana Albums of 2007

If 2007 didn't invite any gripping controversies, it was certainly filled with competitive comparisons -- between young and old, past and present, and among splintered factions -- and both surprising hits and disappointing misses. All in all, a dynamic and at times resurgent year for the broad scope of Americana.


Sailors & Ships - "Cave In" (premiere)

Sailors & Ships (Jeremy Wheatley) offers the gorgeous, intriguing indie folk single "Cave In" from his upcoming record.


Wanderwild Goes "Platinum" on New Single (premiere)

"Platinum's" crisp, punchy guitars and soaring, wide-ranging vocals bring to mind familiar Wanderwild touchstone bands like Interpol and the Strokes and act as an insistent and catchy calling card for their upcoming release.


Townes Van Zandt: 'Music, Genius, and Rage'

Townes Van Zandt's longtime road manager and producer, Harold F. Eggers, Jr., looks back on road-life with the haunted songwriter. He has more stories than most.


Escondido Mix Desert Vibes with Rock 'n' Roll on 'Warning Bells'

Escondido's Warning Bells represents a successful step forward for a band who had their basic sound figured out from the start.


Drew Beskin Shares New Indie Pop with "Midnight Avenue Edge" (premiere)

Athens, Georgia pop scene veteran Drew Beskin continues exploring his appealing brand of catchy indie pop on "Midnight Avenue Edge".


'Space Opera': A Galactic-scale Eurovision-style Life or Death Singing Contest

In Catherynne M. Valente's Space Opera, the Meaning of Life has a beat and, depending on your alien physiology, you might be able to dance to it.


J.D. Wilkes Takes His Southern Gothic Sound to Subtle Places on 'Fire Dream'

J.D. Wilkes' songs can come across as equal parts sermon and campfire story, where the modern world's rules are underpinned by something much older and more ghostly.


Velveteen Pink Gets Trippy with New Video for "Black Heart" (premiere)

"Black Heart" bursts through the door with heavily processed vocals and an aggressive, percussion-led arrangement that culminates in a solo that sounds like the circuits on the P-Funk Mothership are overloading.


Palace Doctor - "Welcome the End" (audio) (premiere)

Athens, Georgia's Palace Doctor offers up modern rock with clear roots in the '90s indie rock of Pavement and Nirvana.


Drew Beskin: Cha-Ching Machine

Athens, Georgia mainstay Drew Beskin releases his first proper solo album.


John K. Samson: Winter Wheat

John K. Samson continues writing songs of solace and expansive generosity.


Amanda Shires: My Piece of Land

Disciplined and literary, Shires' latest is still a highly personal work.


Neil Gaiman Takes on a Different Perspective

Readers of Gaiman's blog or Twitter feed know his schedule is always full of interesting projects. Here's proof that he's just as busy, and interesting, on the nonfiction side.


Adam Remnant: When I Was a Boy

The former Southeast Engine leader branches out on his own, and its worth a long, considered listen.


Trailer Fire Records


PURSES: Obsess Much

This is entertaining indie rock from what amounts to a supergroup of young Athens bands.

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