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The Man Whom Elvis Learned From: Louis Prima and 'That Old Black Magic'

Like Elvis, Louis Prima was not just a popular, even wildly popular, hip-thrusting entertainer. He was an incendiary figure, shoving conventions out of the way and blowing up rigid identity-making categories.


'Elsewhere U.S.A.' Prods Us to Look Up From Our BlackBerrys and Ask, 'Where Are We?'

This reads more like the smart, well-informed, scatter-shot elsewhere-ish impressionism of Malcolm Gladwell than the sharply focused, outraged empiricism of Robert Putnam or the politically fueled reporting of Naomi Klein.


Starbucks and the New Age of Censorship

Like Kremlin censors, Starbucks regulates choice -- not to retain state power, but to bolster corporate profits -- and the distinction between the role of government and brands gets fuzzier all the time.

Bryant Simon

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