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Director Spotlight: Aspects of Orson Welles

From Citizen Kane (1941) to his "mutilated masterpiece" follow-up The Magnificent Ambersons to The Trial (1962), the essayists in this collection will take you on a journey into the filmic realms and mind of the filmmaker whom many call genius.


In Defense of Star Trek

Who will defend the future from J.J. Abrams... and his fans?


To Write or Not to Write About Sex Clowns?

Wherein our writer contemplates entering someone else’s world and stealing their greasepaint covered soul -- just for a byline.


Yo-Yo Ma: 26 January 2013 - Rohnert Park, CA

His recent performance in Weill Hall at the Green Music Center in Rohnert Park, California, hailed as the new cultural center for music on the West Coast, was no goat rodeo - it was Yo-Yo Ma at his best.


The Beatification of Philip K. Dick

Fueled by his science fiction work, by his mystical aura and his growing legend, the cult of Philip K. Dick continues to expand.


Next Stop: Marijuanaland

Inside the making of Jonah Raskin’s journey through California’s Emerald Triangle -- one of the main fronts of the global drug war. Raskin not only describes himself as a chronicler of marijuana, but also a smoker who has a medical marijuana card.


High Times


Missed Directions Swansong: Sometimes They Shine

These literary staples, these superheroes and their fictions, sometimes they are Missed Directions and Sometimes They Shine...


The Primal Drive of Fear and Desire in Hitchcock’s 'Vertigo' and 'The Birds'

Typical of Hitchcock, he does not provide answers in Vertigo and The Birds, rather, he demonstrates the inherent dangers of living with -- yet denying -- the dark psychic forces that control our lives from deep withing our subconscious minds.


Missed Directions: The Good Kind of ‘Legionnaires’

Guess Who Just Got Back Today: The Legion of Super-Heroes returns in epic style to the publication lists of DC, with legendary writer Paul Levitz once more at the helm.


War of the Supermen #1-4

Writer James Robinson proves himself an indispensable talent, and offers a severe meditation on genocide, and redemption in telling the tale of the '100 Minute War'.


Missed Directions: Don’t Walk Toward the Light

The reality of reading "Brightest Day"? I can’t bring myself to emotionally invest in the characters. Why? Because when a character is killed off in a fictional universe it should mean something.


Missed Directions: Summer of DCU Love

Here comes the Summer, filled with all kinds of DCU goodies. And some Missed Directions


Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

Despite the transparent nature of his 'death' at the end of Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne 'returns' to the DCU just as expected.


Missed Directions: Small-Ville, Big Run

Nine years on, and Smallville has shed its history as a Dawson's Creek clone like an unwanted skin, and is now ready to fly...


Missed Directions: Bat-Bedazzled Broadway

Surely not? Surely not Batman on Broadway?! What's next... Batman on Ice?


Missed Directions: The Dork Knight Returns

Don’t do this to me Grant! DC I beseech thee!!! Do not bring back Bruce Wayne--at least not as Batman. And please, for the love of God, please do not bring him back in the manner depicted on the sketches in the back of Booster Gold #29.

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