Aubrey Haddard Embraces Classic Pop with "Thin Line" (premiere)

Boston singer-songwriter Aubrey Haddard offers up a terrific, poppy earworm on her new single and video, "Thin Line".


NIIKA Makes a Striking, Multifaceted Full-Length Debut with 'Close But Not Too Close'

The Uzbekistan-born, Chicago-raised NIIKA combines art-pop and exotic jazz stylings to create a deeply rewarding listening experience on Close But Not Too Close.


'Pacific Breeze 2' Is Another Refreshing Dive into the Waters of City Pop

Reissue label Light in the Attic follows up last year's Japanese musical excursion with another collection, Pacific Breeze 2, that's sure to please lovers of international retro-pop.


Adeline Hotel's 'Solid Love' Is a Bracing Experience That Beams with Soothing Energy

Dan Knishkowy returns with Adeline Hotel and Solid Love, a new album full of folk-leaning songs that are both gentle and arresting.


On 'Last Flight Out' Steve Dawson and Funeral Bonsai Wedding Create Sublime, Eerie Beauty

Orchestral-indie torch-song chamber-folk? Time to break out your music genre thesaurus for this gorgeous, impeccably crafted gem from Steve Dawson & Funeral Bonsai Wedding.


Erik Hall Is One Musician Taking on Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians'

Erik Hall painstakingly and effectively recreates Steve Reich's minimalist classic, Music for 18 Musicians, with three instruments in his Michigan home studio.


Losing Faith and Finding Joy: The Ecstatic Musical Journey of Ben Seretan

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Seretan recently released Youth Pastoral, possibly his most cohesive work yet. PopMatters spoke to him about his multifaceted musical gifts and his unique artistic path.


Wesley Stace Fights Quarantine Boredom with a Spur-of-the-Moment Covers Project

A random comment thread on Wesley Stace's Facebook page inspired a collaborative effort to bring together cover versions of his vast catalog with artists like Josh Ritter, Graham Parker, Gary Louris, Chris von Sneidern, and the Minus 5.


Cellphones and Cattle: The Cerebral, Midwestern Folk of Peter Oren

PopMatters speaks with Midwestern folkie Peter Oren about his new album, The Greener Pasture, which is both a polemic on technology and further proof of his unique, sophisticated songwriting skills.


Matt Evans' Ambient Soundscapes Transcend the Genre on 'New Topographics'

New York-based percussionist/composer, Matt Evans brilliantly infuses his spacey sonic landscapes with the sounds of everyday life on New Topographics.


Matthew D. Gantt's 'Diagnostics' Is Complex, Futuristic, and Totally Bonkers

Experimental artist, composer and educator Matthew D. Gantt has created a delightful new album, Diagnostics, that's both maddeningly dense and refreshingly playful.


Wendy Carlos: Musical Pioneer, Reluctant Icon

Amanda Sewell's vastly informative new biography on musical trailblazer Wendy Carlos is both reverent and honest.


Jennah Barry Offers Up a Warm, Sublime Collection of Memorable Tunes on 'Holiday'

Canadian indie folkster Jennah Barry returns with her long-awaited sophomore album, Holiday, which takes on a looser, more relaxed approach.


Nick Storring's 'My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell' Is Beautiful, Haunting, and Otherworldly

Canadian composer Nick Storring's latest album, My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell, is mysterious, multilayered, and unforgettable.


Early Day Miners' Debut 'Placer Found' Gets a New Life on Vinyl

Early Day Miners' moody, ethereal gem Placer Found turns 20 and is ripe for reappraisal. This is warm, intimate, bracing music with no expiration date.


Mute Duo Dazzle with the Ambient, Country-Tinged 'Lapse in Passage'

Mute Duo's second full-length album, Lapse in Passage, is dark, multilayered, and uncommonly beautiful. It's like David Lynch baked in the Texas heat. It's the soundtrack to a Cormac McCarthy-inspired fever dream.


Quarterly's 'Pomegranate' is a Small Treasure of Charm and Warmth

Brooklyn-based duo Quarterly combine elements of folk and classical on the intimate, calm, and unique Pomegranate.


JOYFULTALK Fires Off the Sound of Brightness and Ambition on 'A Separation of Being'

Canadian musician, composer, and instrument maker, JOYFULTALK produces his third LP, A Separation of Being, which overflows with cohesion and light.


Horse Lords Create a Loud, Disciplined Roar on 'The Common Task'

Experimental rock's Horse Lords release their first album in four years, and it's meticulous and complex, but also undeniably joyous and celebratory.


'Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity' Is Eamon Ra's Love Letter to '60s Psych-Pop

The new album from Seattle's Eamon Ra, Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity, is a pitch-perfect throwback to a golden age of youthful innocence and killer hooks.


Ben Seretan Brings on the Catharsis with 'Youth Pastoral'

Ben Seretan's first "album of songs" since 2016 sees him exploring and questioning love and faith, with spectacular results on Youth Pastoral.


Lee Ranaldo and Raül Refree Create an Eerily Experimental Sound with 'Names of North End Women'

The fruitful collaboration between these two unique musicians continues on an album that is dark but surprisingly melodic.

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