On 'The Seduction of Kansas', Priests Have Progressed into a Genre-Defying, Myth-Crafting Force

The Seduction of Kansas finds Priests progressing beyond their abrasive punk roots into a genre-defying force, fluent in the slick soundscapes of St. Vincent and the Talking Heads as well as the grain and grit of Portishead and Nine Inch Nails.


Call for Papers: All Things Reconsidered: The Clash - London Calling

As we reboot All Things Reconsidered, PopMatters will be starting with the Clash's London Calling, dissecting it from every angle, from track-by-track rundowns to a series of provocative, insightful essays.


The Japanese House Offer Open Doors on Debut 'Good at Falling'

Though the Japanese House's Imogen Heap-inspired dream pop feels light and euphoric at surface level, you don't have to dig too deep to hear the heartbreak and apathy darkening Good at Falling's mood.


Future Is Exactly the Rap Star We Deserve

Materialism, misogyny, and nihilism are on full display throughout Future's The Wizrd. But what did we expect?


David Bazan Rises Like a 'Phoenix' with Pedro the Lion

With his return to Pedro the Lion, David Bazan searches for true self by reckoning with his past on this return to form that is Phoenix.


The 10 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2018

From Kanye tweets to Drake and Pusha T diss tracks to literary masterpiece "This Is America", 2018 was quite the year for rap. But if we had to boil it all down to just 10 albums, we think these are the cuts that truly rose above and summed up 2018 the best.


The 10 Best Indie Rock Albums of 2018

Indie rock represents a spirit that's found where folk songsters and punk rockers come together to dialogue about what they're fed up with in mainstream culture.


Vince Staples: FM!

Vince Staples isn't going to let his listeners hole up for the winter in 2018, offering party bangers and social commentary in the packed 22 minutes of FM!


Pistol Annies Offer a Place of Comfort in the Midst of Brokenness on 'Interstate Gospel'

Pistol Annies offer hope through their heartbrokenness and comfort through community on their third album, Interstate Gospel.


A Night With Florence + the Machine

On the High As Hope tour, Florence + the Machine delivers empathy-fueled hope and community.


Iron & Wine Remind That We Have to Change Ourselves Before We Can Change the World on 'Weed Garden'

Sam Beam is still able to express that nostalgic combination of melancholy and hope, even when taking a safe approach to songwriting on Weed Garden.


Mitski Shows How Independence Can Mean Loneliness on 'Be the Cowboy'

Mitski argues on Be the Cowboy that we are meant to be emotional people, and that being strong and independent often leads to loneliness.


Indie Folk Duo RYVOLI Release a Debut to Be Proud of with 'Theories'

For RYVOLI, Theories is a debut to be proud of, delivering a quiet strength in the midst of uncertainty with feathery harmonies and rich orchestrations.


Sam Nichol Tackles Tired Religious Tradition on "All Is Well" (premiere)

Sam Nichol's raw vocal expression elevates "All Is Well's" emotion, building from light acoustic folk stylings to full-blown arena post-rock.


The 10 Most Famous Albums That Never Saw the Light of Day

Here's 10 albums that never happened but are still discussed among fans and often recreated in some shape or form by the original artists, inspired musicians, or just hungry fans.


Drake Goes Long on 'Scorpion' and We're All the Better for It

With Scorpion, Drake makes a cohesive argument for broadening our attention spans and enjoying life's music, regardless of runtime.


Nas Is Ineffective and Ungrounded on 'NASIR'

On NASIR, Nas is completely overshadowed by the musical performances of Kanye West and his collaborators.


Lily Allen Takes a Reflective Turn on 'No Shame'

On No Shame, the 33-year-old Lily Allen accomplishes that personal revelation and introspection many artists don't accomplish until their mid-to-late 40s.


Kids See Ghosts Will Be Remembered As the Climax and Most Enduring Record of Ye Season

Ye Season continues with what will be remembered as the most uplifting, cohesive, spiritual, and sonically excellent episode of Kanye West's serialized works.


Bonnaroo 2018: A First-Timer's Perspective

Bonnaroo 2018 radiated the positivity it promoted and provided the musical bliss sought by the multitude of festivalgoers.


Royce da 5'9"'s 'Book of Ryan' Crackles with Boom Bap Energy

Royce da 5'9"'s Book of Ryan offers vulnerability on family and addiction, but never sacrifices its energy to deliver the message.


'DAYTONA' Is Pusha T in Top Gang Boss Form

It may not be the most woke album of the year. But nothing is going to touch the "YUGH" factor of Pusha T's DAYTONA this year.

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