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Between the Grooves: Tom Waits - 'Bone Machine'

Between the Grooves takes a deep dive into Tom Waits' Bone Machine. It's the one fans keep hidden amongst themselves, a secret treasure only the devout are privy to and the seasoned are worthy of. Simply put, it is not for the faint of heart.


Greg Dulli Crafts a Nocturnal Solo Debut of Reflective Triumph with 'Random Desire'

Greg Dulli's Random Desire is striking in its unified exploration of what comes after — years after — a heartbreak. Not a mere collection of 10 songs, it is an album in the classic sense, each track as essential as a chapter in a book or a scene from a movie.


Chicago Artist Emily Blue Unveils "17", Merging Electropop and Hair Metal Ahead of Collaborative Tour  (premiere + interview)

Chicago avant-pop artist Emily Blue merges electropop and hair metal into a synergy that sounds like they were destined to become entwined.


Stef Chura's 'Midnight' Is a Scorching, Emotive Indie Rock Masterstroke

Midnight fulfills Stef Chura's promise. Broad in scope, its 12 songs cover a range of moods, tones, and energies.


Psych-pop Band the Go Rounds Unveil Trippy Video Ahead of New LP (premiere)

The Go Rounds' "Foxtrot" heralds an album examining "the places, times, and relationships that hold our reflection," says songwriter Graham Parsons.


Mister and Curt Cataract Release Conceptual Rap Album 11 Years in the Making (premiere)

After a decade-long gestation, a collaboration between Detroit rapper Mister and UK producer Curt Cataract is bearing fruit. Hear their latest track "Holding It Up".


Cherry Glazerr Perfects Noise Pop Blend on the Incendiary and Vital 'Stuffed & Ready'

With its personal perspectives on the effects of the current cultural zeitgeist, Cherry Glazerr's Stuffed & Ready is not simply a great rock record, but an important document in the early days of 2019.


The High Strung Release a Jubilant Song as Singer Reflects on Success of 'Bird Box' Adaptation

The new year is off to an auspicious start for the High Strung and one of their novelist singers. Quiet Riots, the band's eighth studio album, is on the cusp of release, prefaced by a DIY video for energetic lead single "If You Wanna Roll"


Detroit Troubadour Ronny Tibbs Share the Retro Pop Gem "30-Year-Old Boy" (premiere)

Ronny Tibbs, a midwestern songwriter with a flair for the vintage, unveils "30-Year-Old Boy" ahead of his new four-year-in-the-making LP.


Pittsburgh Duo Chameleon Treat Unveil Record of Haunting Dream Pop with 'Basketpusher' (premiere)

Neo-psychedelia and achingly beautiful vocals are the pillars of Chameleon Treat's swirling sound, traits they hone on sophomore record Basketpusher.


ROVR Unveil Gritty, Unhinged Cover of "Seven Nation Army" (premiere)

Toledo duo ROVR offers up drastic reworking of the White Stripes' classic "Seven Nation Army".


Handgrenades Drop Video for Stomping, Fuzzy New Song "Honey B" (premiere)

Urgent, aggressive, and still melodic, Handgrenades' "Honey B" conveys the perspective of one in the throes of addiction.


Cincinnati Duo Lung Release Dark, Rumbling "Spiders" (premiere)

Ahead of their second LP, the cello-and-drums duo Lung unveils a surging tune of paranoia, obsessiveness, and menace with "Spiders".


Emily Blue Releases Art Pop EP Blasting Patriarchal Roles (EP stream) (premiere)

Emily Blue makes art pop overflowing with instant hooks while fusing their catchiness with cutting social commentary as on her new EP, *69.


Campdogzz Release Hypnotic Sophomore Album Steeped in Southwestern Atmosphere

That an album can inspire such vivid imagery and impressions in this era abounding in social dread is among its strongest attributes, and makes it an important document of this zeitgeist.


Post-punk Band Siamese Release Eerie "Tarrare" Video Ahead of New Album (premiere + interview)

Detroit post-punk quartet Siamese is heralding their first full-length with a new song "Tarrare" and accompanying video paying eerie homage to classic horror films.


Summer Like the Season Unveils Sunny, Dreamy Tune "Wakey" (premiere)

With "Wakey", Detroit-based electronic/art rock quartet Summer Like the Season has delivered a tune that perfectly fits their name.


Speedy Ortiz Crafts Strongest Work Yet with 'Twerp Verse'

Twerp Verse is Speedy Ortiz at their most refined and most accessible. The album abounds with melodic hooks while addressing some grim cultural issues.


The Messenger Birds Serve Up Rumbling Commentary on "Self Destruct" (premiere)

Garage-blues duo Messenger Birds offers a biting and ominous perspective on America's sociopolitical landscape with "Self Destruct".


Post-Punk Trio Moaning Release Lean, Kinetic Debut

Moaning masterfully employs dichotomies to craft a record that grows more rewarding with each spin.


Listen to Nathan K. Gritty New Tune "Top Heavy" From New EP (premiere)

Nashville songwriter Nathan K. releases gritty little tune about literally falling on his face from his forthcoming Bridges EP.

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