Vladislav Delay Blends Electronics and Metal on the Brutal 'Rakka'

Sasu Ripatti's first Vladislav Delay album in six years, Rakka, is his shortest and most brutal, tying his electronic music legacy to his metal roots.


Destroyer's 'Have We Met' Is Dan Bejar's Best Album Since 2011's 'Kaputt'

Dan Bejar seems omnipresent on Destroyer's first album of the 2020s, moving through the arrangements at his own whim.


Prince's '1999' Shines a Light on What Might Be the Best Year Ever for a Pop Artist

Prince's 1999 is not so much one of the greatest albums of all time as a curation from an amorphous mass of music that might be one of the greatest achievements in pop.


The 25 Best Electronic Albums of 2019

Electronic music is a huge tent with so many diverse approaches, and it's more international than ever with producers around the globe pushing music forward. The year's best albums featured returns from established talents, as well as ground-breaking newcomers, and a host of women changing the old boy's club of electronic music.


Pan American Expresse Powerful Emotions Through Guitar Instrumentals on 'A Son'

As Pan American, Mark Nelson sings for the first time since his magnum opus Quiet City, but his emotions are most powerfully expressed through his instrumental guitar compositions.


The 10 Best Ambient Albums of 2019

Ambient music has grown with the birth of streaming, ushering in big audiences to sounds both challenging and relaxing. Here are ten best records of the year that say so much without saying a word.


Hans-Peter Lindstrøm's Hardware Rabbit Hole

Norwegian producer Lindstrøm swears off computers on his meditative new album On a Clear Day I Can See You Forever. PopMatters speaks with him about his new toys and the new perspectives it's opened up.


"You Can Have It All": Ariel Pink on His Odds & Sods

Los Angeles pop weirdo Ariel Pink looks back at two early records freshly reissued by Mexican Summer and discusses his new Odditties Sodomies Vol. 2 rarities collection.

Daniel Bromfield

Danny Brown's 'uknowhatimsayin¿' Is a Classic Hip-Hop Record Without the Experimental Edge

Detroit rapper Danny Brown's uknowhatimsayin¿ is a spare, principled record that's mostly about hard beats and harder bars.


Jenny Hval's 'The Practice of Love' Is Brainy, Conceptual, and Hugely Entertaining

Jenny Hval's The Practice of Love is a playful, conceptual pop record that makes sorting through its heady themes as fun as listening to it.


Young Thug Gets Forthright on 'So Much Fun'

The world's most inscrutable rapper, Young Thug makes clear what he's saying and where he stands on his most forthright release yet.


It's Remarkable How Heavy Loscil Makes Emptiness Feel on 'Equivalents'

Scott Morgan makes emptiness feel heavy on Equivalents, an album inspired by Albert Stieglitz's photographs of clouds.


Bon Iver's 'i,i' Hangs Between Surrealism and Meaning

Justin Vernon's (Bon Iver) lyricism is as cryptic as ever, but the firmness with which he sings his abstractions robs his fourth album of much of its mystery.


Moodymann's 'Sinner' Paints a Portrait of Obsession

On Sinner, Detroit producer Moodymann lets us listen in on the hallucinatory, self-contradictory conversation he's perpetually having with himself.


Lil Nas X's 7 (EP) Is the Work of a Canny Prankster

The genre-agnostic "Old Town Road" rapper's lyrics are less interesting than the scenery Lil Nas X drops them in.


Kevin Richard Martin's 'Sirens' Is Harrowing Music Inspired by Child Birth

Inspired by the traumatic circumstances of his child's early birth, Kevin Richard Martin's Sirens is one of the most frightening works of domestic horror ever committed to record.


Earthen Sea's 'Grass and Trees' Has an Oblong, Building-Block Quality

Earthen Sea's lavishly detailed new album, Grass and Trees, sounds like a classic dub-techno album but somehow doesn't feel like one.


'Pale Bloom' Is an Assertion of Sarah Davachi's Stature as a Composer

Sarah Davachi asserts herself as a composer rather than a mere ambient artist on these four ghostly tracks that comprise Pale Bloom.


Mac DeMarco's 'Here Comes the Cowboy' Is a Thorny, Frightening Record About the Passage of Time

Mac DeMarco's Here Comes the Cowboy's eerie calm reflects the domestic quietness every adolescent party animal fears.


Lizzo Needs More Depth on 'Cuz I Love You'

Lizzo's mainstream debut comes on strong, but its self-absorption can feel like an endgame.


Artist As Pure Ego: Beyoncé's 'Homecoming: The Live Album'

Beyoncé's Homecoming is one of the most impressive shows ever, but its need to tell us how impressive it is deflates some of its awe.


Matmos Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary: An Interview with Drew Daniel

Drew Daniel of Baltimore-via-Bay Area pranksters Matmos discusses their new album Plastic Anniversary, homophobic Montana moms, and the difficulties of recording a breast implant.


Doing a Good Thing For Other People: An Interview with SWMRS

Bay Area political punk band, SWMRS talk about changing their name, recording in conference rooms, and committing to social justice as a rock band.

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