Tyler Childers Unleashes Some Feel-Good Vibes Out on 'Country Squire'

With Country Squire, Tyler Childers creates a feel-good country record to close out the summer. It's not too late to throw a party, and Childers will keep you swinging.


Pere Ubu Issue Their 'Long Goodbye'

Pere Ubu's The Long Goodbye is an amazing achievement that accomplishes its mission of encapsulating a 45-year career with wit and aplomb.


Swamp Blues Band Bark Create a Testament to Living Life to the Fullest with 'Terminal Everything'

For Bark, the question isn't whether life's glass is half-full or half-empty; the point is to drink it all in deeply because it's the only glass we get. This is music that celebrates life despite its necessary pains and setbacks.


Various Artists: Jazz Fest: The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Not just for those who've been to Jazz Fest, this collection offers a distillation of the diverse, whimsical, resolute, occasionally profane, and always heartfelt spirit of New Orleans.


Strangers in the Room: A Journey Through the British Folk Rock Scene 1967-1973

The inversion of British folk and the invention of British folk-rock is catalogued here in all of its stormy and delicate variety.


Ordinary Elephant's 'Honest' Is One of the Best Folk Duo Records in Recent Memory

With the release of their second record, folk duo Ordinary Elephant have become a full-time entity, and this exceptional release promises a long career worth following ahead.


The Dream Syndicate Continue to Innovate with 'These Times'

It sounds like the 21st century Dream Syndicate is here to stay with These Times, and that's worth celebrating.


The Yawpers' 'Human Question' Is One of This Year's Most Accomplished Releases

The Yawpers give themselves a big head start as contenders for best rock and roll record of the year with Human Question.


Damien Jurado Revels in a Pure Acoustic Sound on 'In the Shape of a Storm'

Quiet and confident, Damien Jurado gives us ten songs bared to the bone but filled with soul on In the Shape of a Storm.


Shovels & Rope Don't Waste a Note and Go in for a Little Rock 'n' Roll on 'By Blood'

Shovels & Rope's By Blood is a record that smacks you in the face as a first impression, but then, still demands time to give up its secrets and grow on you. Give it the time.


Amanda Palmer Has Created Her Best Work with 'There Will Be No Intermission'

There Will Be No Intermission is a triumphant return for an uncompromising artist, and it's the best piece of work that Amanda Palmer has produced in her career.


Feelin' Right Saturday Night: The Ric & Ron Anthology

This excellent single-CD anthology celebrates the short-lived but important Ric and Ron Records, whose early 1960s releases captured the bubbling stew of street blues, jazz, and soul that would coalesce into the commercial pop sounds that identify New Orleans' diverse yet distinct music today.


'Psychedelic Country Soul' Is a Triumphant Return for Americana Pioneers, the Long Ryders

"Psychedelic Country Soul" could have been the tagline on the Long Ryders' business cards in the 1980s, and the tag still fits 30 years on as they remain masters in combining all of the above.


Divine Weeks Remind Us of the Communal Power of Music on 'We're All We Have'

Divine Weeks' farewell record is for anyone who has ever raised a fist or lighter (or even a god-forbid cell-phone) at a rock and roll show, lost in the passion of the moment.


The 20 Best Americana Albums of 2018

The rootsy releases of 2018 prove that Americana is (and always has been) experiencing a Rainbow Wave.


Try a Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1969

The buzz remains strong with this third Grapefruit anthology of trippy British psychedelic pop.


Anna Calvi Proves the Lioness Is the True 'Hunter'

Anna Calvi's Hunter is a liberating, balls-to-the-wall rock and roll album that tears blind masculinity to shreds while redefining feminine power and desire.

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