Royal Trux: Veterans of Disorder

With Veterans of Disorder, Drag City continues it's reissue campaign for '90s legends Royal Trux. Like much of the Trux's best music, the album sits halfway between emulation and complete deconstruction of classic rock.


Jagwar Ma: Howlin’

Jagwar Ma update the Madchester sound on their debut Howlin’, creating vibrant dance rock psychedelia that is as funky as it is beautiful. This album is very much worth your time and attention.


Pop. 1280: Imps of Perversion

With their second album, Imps of Perversion, Pop. 1280 incorporate more electronic elements into their confrontational din and prove they will be here making people uncomfortable for a quite a while still.


Modern Hut: Generic Treasure

Modern Hut is Joe Steinhardt, the co-founder of Don Giovanni Records, one of indie rock’s finest labels at the moment. Generic Treasure is an intimate, simplistic and very difficult album.


Hunx and His Punx: Street Punk

Hunx returns with His Punx after his excellent 2012 solo album Hairdresser Blues. Where that album showed him moving in a softer and more sentimental direction, Street Punk completely reverses course in the best way possible.


Hooded Fang: Gravez

Hooded Fang delve deeper in to their strange style of voodoo garage rock on their second album Gravez. The album will compel you, forcing you to look at your own mortality, and afterwards leave you feeling you just saw a ghost.


Vacation: Candy Waves

Candy Waves is chock full of noisy pop punk songs, molding feedback laden guitars in to a sound that meets the middle ground between No Age and mid-‘90s Green Day.

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