OFF!: Wasted Years

No longer an event, a new record from this hardcore revival act won’t turn the tide for punk rock. While the rest of the band bashes away, veteran Keith Morris prattles on about what we already know.


Ejecta: Dominae

Intending to pique and whet before note one, this partnership between members of Neon Indian and Tigercity infuses some sorely needed sexuality back into oft-sterilized electronic pop.


Ital Tek: Control

Nobody wants to walk out of a rave and into a damn crystals shop. Yet in more than one instance, this Brighton producer insists on taking us there on this truncated follow-up to last year’s compelling Nebula Dance.


Covenant: Leaving Babylon

Nurtured in the darkness of the industrial/goth scene, this Swedish act withers in the sunlight of the synthpop revival, opting instead to remain stubbornly safe in the shadows.


Youth Code: Youth Code

Coming during a rare window of opportunity for industrial music, the rote emulation that barely passes for the Los Angeles duo’s debut reinforces just how mired in the past the genre remains.


μ-Ziq: Chewed Corners

Arguably superior to the latest from Boards of Canada or Daft Punk, this rave-gazing new release from IDM pioneer Mike Paradinas is both uncompromising and palatable.


Hausu: Total

Whether this Portland band represents a nascent new rock sound or merely a post-hardcore mutation, their Hardly Art debut amounts to a sort of sonic schizophrenia.

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