Tadao Tsuge's 'Slum Wolf' Provides a Dramatic Look at the Persistence of the Disaffected

After the devastating effects of American bombings of Japan during World War II, how do people rebuild themselves and their society? Tadao Tsuge explores these difficulties in Slum Wolf.


Nick Drnaso's 'Sabrina' and Affronts to Truth

Drnaso's Sabrina explores how isolation, both psychic and social, fuels the evolution of tragedy into social paranoia and a dehumanized narrative of fraud.


Anthony Bourdain's 'A Cook's Tour', or, Things that Make You Strong

One of Bourdain's common themes in A Cook's Tour was eating meals that locals said "will make you strong." His focus was not on the bravado, however, but on the people involved in making local food, home cooks and restauranteurs alike.


'Yellow Negroes' Draws the Plight of Undocumented Lives

The liminal state between immigrant and citizen becomes the permanent experience of undocumented people.


Finding Personality in the Ephemeral Comic Shop

Exploring the people and places who created a niche for comics sellers and geeks.


'Blood at the Root' and the Cultivation of Racial Hatred in America

The story of Georgia's all-white Forsyth County and how they made it that way.


Empathy Is a Mirror in 'Stardust Nation'

"Memories arrive instead. Uninvited, they crash through the sky."


Consumption, Performance, and 'The Agony of Eros'

Byung-Chul Han argues that love, sex, and even theory are disappearing in consumer cultures because our systems of finances and behaviors erode the Other in favor of sameness.


Dressing Like Dolls as a Form of Resistance: 'So Pretty / Very Rotten'

Unlike the western understanding of the word, "Lolitas" engage in a somewhat sexless performance of innocence, fairy tale femininity, and cultural resistance.


Can an Illustrator Capture One Man’s Descent into a Void?

Imagine sitting, chained in place, watching the light from a window move across the wall. Guy Delisle imagines and renders it in Hostage.


'Global Undergrounds': The Lost, Forgotten, and Hidden Places Beneath Our Feet

Readers may use their own backgrounds and interests to frame the 80 underground sites surveyed here, but the differing storytelling styles allow a few rich stories to shine through.


What Fills the Empty Spaces in 'City Squares'?

Squares are the empty hearts of cities waiting to be filled by individual and public meaning.


The Muscle Behind 'Manga in America'

The domestication of manga means imposing one’s own identity on the product.

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