Leslie Stein's Thoughtful and Honest Memoir About Abortion

The sensitively depicted graphic memoir I Know You Rider is the story of an abortion, but more than that it's a moment in time in Leslie Stein's life.


Isolation Resonates in Tomine's Ode to Loneliness

Tomine's talent in communicating the intimate, minute details of his life only serve to make them universal, even moreso in these times of COVID-19. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist is his isolationist memoir.


Pearl Jam's 'Ten' Was That Other Hugely Important Grunge Album from 1991

Released alongside Nirvana’s Nevermind, the importance of Pearl Jam's Ten has been somewhat overshadowed by that record. Pearl Jam were barely together for a year, but released a cohesive debut that would help define '90s alternative rock.


​Jaime Hernandez's 'Tonta', Hit Men, and High School Shenanigans

Jaime Hernandez conveys an exuberance and vitality in his characters that make them easy to relate to and sympathize with. This is no less so in his latest graphic novel, Tonta.


Despair and Hope in Chris Ware's 'Rusty Brown'

Chris Ware's parallel storytelling, his ability to jump time periods, and his meticulous attention to detail create an immersive world in Pantheon Graphic Library's compilation, Rusty Brown.


Seth's 'Clyde Fans' and the Revolving Slowdown of a Declining Business

Seth's inspiration for the epic story, Clyde Fans, grew from an empty storefront and photographs of two middle-aged men; thus it is imbued with palpable sadness and regret.


Graphic Novel 'Is This How You See Me?' Carries on the Legacy

The Hernandez Bros.' Love and Rockets graphic fiction series has created a community of misfits filled with as much anger as warmth, with as many mistakes as wisdom, and with as much sadness as joy.


'The Best American Comics 2018' Beautifully Showcases the Diversity and Creativity of the Medium

This year's collection includes many independent and self-published artists; no mainstream or superhero comic in sight.


Sonic Art, or, Groovy Rock Posters

For fans of poster art and other ephemeral graphic representations of rock music, Rock Graphic Originals is a wonderful resource.


Confusion and Loneliness: 'Shit Is Real'

Shit is Real maintains a relatability that makes the oddball situations resonate emotionally.


Nick Thorburn's 'Penguins' Is Crude, Clever, and Often Amusing

Whether a general commentary on American greed, or on a personal loss of self, or something else, there's an adroit depiction here that can be unexpectedly moving.


'Masters of Sex' Is Hardly Clinical

Showtime's Masters of Sex is daring, surprising, and often beautiful, owing much to its stellar cast and writers.


'Happy Endings: The Complete Series' Showcases the Talented Cast

Well-written with unfailing comic delivery, Happy Endings is a consistent delight.


Really, Really Loving the Beatles: Carol Tyler's 'Fab4 Mania'

Tyler's excitement and seemingly never-ending thrill from the point of view of her younger self as a Beatles fan nearly leaps from the page.


'Carnet de Voyage' Is a Perfect Bridge Between Craig Thompson's  'Blankets' and 'Habibi'

Travel is inherently marked by moments of beauty, mundanity, exhaustion, and connection; comics artist Craig Thompson shows it all.


We Still Believe in 'Opening The X-Files'

In this engaging look at the influential sci-fi show, Darren Mooney points out the links not only between episodes, but also between other shows, movies, and cultural events.


The Good, the Positive and the Funny in Scott C.'s Art

No matter his subject matter, Scott C.'s confident cheerfulness is obvious and infectious.


Unfettered Ingenuity and Imagination: Chris Ware's 'Monograph'

There's a real connection made between the artist and his art that extends to a deeper understanding of both, here.


Chip Kidd: A Singular Voice in Design

The prolific artist may be a designer first, but he's an evangelist for design second.


The Poster Art in 'The Art of Mondo' Is Rich with Inventive and Clever Interpretations of Film

Tom Whalen's gorgeous use of color, Jeff Kleinsmith's arresting images, Jason Munn's minimalist designs, and Aaron Horkey's intricate lettering are only a few of the highlights here.


Half Memoir / Half Tribute, 'Fetch' Attests to the Power of the Comic Form

There are plenty of tough moments in this tale, in both the author's personal life and in her struggles to understand her troubled dog, yet there's never any doubt that they belong together.


'Friday Night Lights' Still Burns Bright

Despite the uninspired packaging in this complete series set, Friday Night Lights remains an outstanding TV show; one of the best in the current golden age of television.

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