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Watch That Whale

If whales were into human-watching, would they watch even while we butchered each other? Do whales have hope for the human species?

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Hey, You Got Your Ghost in My Machine!

The body and the machine are born innocent. It’s the soul and the mind that make them dirty and evil. A philosophical meandering into America's obsession with automobiles.

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The Uighur Sanction, or, The Squeaky Jesus Gets the Fig

A Muslim's fasting irritates him – if you've ever spent the month of Ramadan in a Muslim country, you know what I mean. An Evangelical Christian's proselytizing irritates others. Dick Cheney irritates everyone.

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Come Back to the Five-and-Dime, Soylent Green, Soylent Green

When a "Gravity's Rainbow" perpetually hangs over one's head, dare one feel sunny, happy, optimistic? Or should the storm which brought the rainbow always prevail in one's thoughts?

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First They Came for the Latinos

Heard rumors of civilians rounded up, locked up, and searched for papers, lately? Don't worry. That only happens in another America.

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