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Frank Zappa Documentary Unveils the Man Behind the Mythos

He may be known for going on some excellent adventures as one half of Bill & Ted, but Alex Winter is now several documentaries into his career. After years of sorting through rare archive footage, he's telling a story of Frank Zappa few thought possible.


Stanley Kubrick Biography Goes Beyond Rumors and Mystique

David Mikics casts Kubrick as a kind of modernist tragedian in this biography, showing how meticulous planning often gives way to vanity, error, or random chaos.


A Fresh Look at Free Will and Determinism in Terry Gilliam's '12 Monkeys'

Susanne Kord gets to the heart of the philosophical issues in Terry Gilliam's 1995 time-travel dystopia, 12 Monkeys.


'Egress' Mourns and Celebrates the Life and Work of Theorist Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher's insights are often obscured in Matt Colquhoun's personal/academic hybrid, Egress, which ranges far and wide over philosophy and pop culture.


The New Empire Has Risen: 'New Kings of the World'

Author Fatima Bhutto profiles the new arbiters of mass culture: Bollywood, Dizi, and K-pop, in her engaging cultural studies/travelogue, New Kings of the World.


Culture Is Not Innocent: An Interview with Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto discusses her new book on pop culture from the Global South, which goes above and beyond, among other things, the "sluggish, bloated, less urgent" films dominating Hollywood.


Why Do We Travel? On Erika Fatland's 'Sovietistan'

Social anthropologist Erika Fatland eschews many of the clichés of Post-Soviet travel writing, providing an incident-packed trip to a vast, often-overlooked region in Sovietistan.


On Difficulties with Acculturation in 'From Chernobyl with Love'

Journalist Katya Cengel's memoir, From Chernobyl with Love, is more illuminating of the American mindset than it is of Latvia and Ukraine.


'Arcadia' Fashions a Creepy Collage from Archive Footage of Britain’s Countryside

Folk horror, hauntology, and archive footage combine to form an unsettling portrait of rural Britain.


'The Prisoner' Has Superbly Outlived Its Original Context

Rogue filmmaker Alex Cox ties The Prisoner's island mentality and palpable "cupcake fascism" to current political events, including Brexit, in I Am Not a Number.

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