Every moderately budgeted comedy this side of The Hangover is marketed as a Wes Anderson-ish ball of charm lately, and Tenure turns out to be a pretty good movie despite a tonal identity crisis.



This stop motion animation, Tatia Rosenthal’s adaptation of Etgar Keret stories, is strange and emotionally satisfying.


In a Day

It’s obvious, if not from the start of the movie than glaringly so in the climax, that In a Day was directed by an actor. Not in a good way.


My Fuhrer

With My Fuhrer, Dani Levy walks a stylistic tightrope, and the final product is more an interesting case than it is a good film. Still, it's a fun picture.


Deep Sea Blues

You should know right away: Taj Mahal does not perform in Deep Sea Blues. Still, there are enough solid acts to keep the movie afloat for serious blues fans.

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