John Huston and Ray Bradbury Adapt the Seemingly Unadaptable in 'Moby Dick'

Moby-Dick, arguably the most boring really good book one could read, is a meandering experiment in literary narration. Ray Bradbury and John Huston forget all that and seize upon the plot and imagery to deliver a whale of a film in 1956's Moby Dick.


Before the Pill, the Summer of Love, the Fall of Saigon and Watergate, We Had the Honeymooners

The Honeymooners comedy is best here, as it was in the original show, when it comes from Jackie Gleason’s terrific timing, Audrey Meadows’ dry sarcasm, or Art Carney’s off-the-wall zaniness


The Abbott and Costello Show: The Complete Series - Collector's Edition

Anybody with an appreciation for the history of television or the evolution of American comedy will be all over this set, but looking at the show through a purely academic lens will cost you big laughs.


The Unquiet Death of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

This 83-minute film presents more and better information on the events surrounding the Rosenberg trial than most public schools teach over 13 years.


Stanley Kramer Productions



Every moderately budgeted comedy this side of The Hangover is marketed as a Wes Anderson-ish ball of charm lately, and Tenure turns out to be a pretty good movie despite a tonal identity crisis.



This stop motion animation, Tatia Rosenthal’s adaptation of Etgar Keret stories, is strange and emotionally satisfying.


Welcome to Nollywood

Not only a movie about the exciting adolescence of one particular movie industry, but also a movie about movies’ place in society.


In a Day

It’s obvious, if not from the start of the movie than glaringly so in the climax, that In a Day was directed by an actor. Not in a good way.


Bad Girls of Film Noir: Vols. 1 & 2

Some of the movies are only noir films by the loosest classification of the genre, a couple of them aren’t very good, and some of the women featured are decidedly un-bad.


Buena Vista Social Club

In almost every number, Cuba is visually present. All are beautifully intercut to emphasize Cuba’s culture, its national identity, in the songs.


My Fuhrer

With My Fuhrer, Dani Levy walks a stylistic tightrope, and the final product is more an interesting case than it is a good film. Still, it's a fun picture.


Deep Sea Blues

You should know right away: Taj Mahal does not perform in Deep Sea Blues. Still, there are enough solid acts to keep the movie afloat for serious blues fans.

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