Whirr: Around

Powerfully poignant and evocative shoegaze to rival not only their peers, but such stalwart torchbearers as My Bloody Valentine.


Senses Fail: Renacer

Renacer paints a clear portrait of a band lacking the courage and will to abandon the tendencies they have clearly grown out of -- and no longer stand behind.


Vinnie Caruana: City By the Sea

Vinnie Caruana is a punk rock troubadour and his debut EP, City By the Sea, effortlessly blends acoustic folk constructs with the upbeat dynamism of his punk roots into a release that is both solid and daring, but leaves something to be desired.


Madison: We've Been Nothing

Often dilettante, at times enlightened, but mostly amateur, Madison’s We’ve Been Nothing is a DIY pop effort that shows promise, but ultimately fails to produce anything remotely catchy.


La Big Vic: Cold War

La Big Vic are not that of one member's contextual background -- or even the marriage one would expect from such broad strokes -- but an experimentation in avant-garde dream-pop.


The Faint: Danse Macabre (Reissue)

More forward thinking than many could have imagined, Danse Macabre is a record that plays faithfully today as it did over a decade ago. In just nine tracks, the Faint compose wide and evocative soundscapes, pioneering the indie rock intersection between new wave and post-punk.


Ed Tullett: Never Joy

Full of beauty and anguish, amidst grace and dynamism, Never Joy is a portrait of young, yet tortured melancholy, well beyond the artist's years.

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