'George Washington' Is the Artful Debut of a Visionary Filmmaker

David Gordon Green favors the elliptical over the literal and is more concerned with establishing atmosphere. Words spoken are less important than words omitted.


Prizing Honor and Rewarding Revenge: 'The Man from Beijing'

Misanthropic, depressed, reclusive, emotionally distant, overworked, physically exhausted and exhibiting a host of destructive and thoughtless habits, the character Kurt Wallander established a distinct fictional prototype.


'Rake: Series 1' Is Charmingly Raising the Bar of Legal Dramas

Rake is a bit of a mixed bag. It's a straightforward legal drama; a sly comedy; a self-effacing portrait of love, loyalty and family; a cheeky send-up of the eternally adolescent middle-aged male psyche and just simple, relaxing fun.


A Horror So Real It May Be Imagined: 'The Monitor'

The Monitor may disappoint as a film, but Noomi Rapace will repay your time with an arresting performance.


'My Dog Tulip' Defies the Cute Doggy Genre

'My Dog Tulip' should be rightly noted for its artistry, expressive sophistication and intelligent respect for the emotional bonds that exist between humans and their pets.


'Crazy, Stupid, Love.' Is Knowing Without Being Cloy or Condescending

This is a welcome reminder that Hollywood is still capable of producing mainstream movies that satisfy our need for engaging entertainment that is neither derisory or condescending


'The Waiting City' Is a Cinematic Journey That Waits too Long to Actually Get Anywhere of Interest

In fiction, India and all its attendant exoticism is now so familiar that what began as layered myth has flattened into condescending stereotype. Undaunted by the trap of such tropes, filmmakers continue to mine Eastern spiritualism in the hope of cinematic transcendence.


The Audacious Trust of Teens in 'Skins: Volume Four'

With its propulsive, kinetic and unpolished tone, Skins breathes new life into a genre that has always threatened to suffocate itself, and elevated the art of teen melodrama in the process.


'The Kids Are All Right' Brims With the Beauty and Wonder of Normalcy

Hollywood’s family films are rarely credited for understated and incisive observations on domestic relations. It is, therefore, such a relief that Lisa Cholodenko’s (High Art, Laurel Canyon) latest does not yield to either temptation.


'Being Human': More Human than Humans

Even dead concepts can be awakened with new blood pumped into them.


Essential Art House: Fellini's '8 1/2'

Nearly a half-century since its release, 8 1/2 is a testament to Federico Fellini’s singular artistic vision and to the enduring joy of creative experience.


Cineriz, Francinex


Sports Night: The Complete First Season

Sports Night was a fun, intelligent series that navigated the tricky fields of drama and comedy with style and charm.



A quiet, romantic comedy that smartly avoids using the main character’s disability as a source of either cheap laughs or cloying sentimentality.

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