Guided by a Bengali Poet

When people ask what my Bangladesh life was like, I will say that at its best, it followed the path of the poet Jibanananda Das.

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Living in a Po-Co World

Expats in post-colonial Dhaka have their hearts in the right places, if their generosity at fund-raising events is anything to go by, although the end result is haphazard, like a game of ‘Pin the Conscience on the Public Servant’ that has been played their tipsy spouses.

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During the Deluge

A crowd of bideshi (foreign kin) stood on the roof and watched Star Kebab burn, and the riot squad shamble in, and the sky fill with black-blue smoke.

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Travels in Little China

The Chinese brand of red tape now wraps around Tibet as fiercely as the Red Guards that once invaded it. Travelers who gain access now see a Disney-fied Tibet.

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Seeking Some Reprieve

I can now wrench my hand away from a doe-eyed child miming hunger and clinging to me without losing my stride. One’s brain, as well as one’s bowels, are not always all right in Bangladesh.

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Dr. Dhaka’s Lonely Hearts Club

For the Bengalis, dating and marriage are integrally intertwined with familial love. For a single female visitor, a creative spin on extended family relations helps with the curious doorman.

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Deep ’Desh

The minute I step out of my flat, Bangladesh drags me into its unique intensity; and without home as a point of reference, I am left without my level of reasoning.

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Five Years' Moldering, Now

As in all the human rights violations going on at Guantánamo Bay, the US has, with Australia's help, betrayed its traditions of upholding civil and international rights to rationalise its (in)actions in David Hick's case.

Kathryn Hummel
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Bridesmaids Revisited

Take it from someone who knows, really knows; bridesmaiding is not glamorous work, but a hard slog at buffering the bride and groom in the social occasion war zone -- you are putting your body on the line.

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Reel Australia

Hummel used to dread, simply dread, Australian-made films. But a number of recently discovered intelligent, evocative films have her singing her creative countrymen's praises. Here are some movies you shouldn't miss.

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