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#PopMatters20: Tech Is Evil and TechKnow Kinda Told You So

How deluded we were about our devices being labor-saving, productivity-increasing cure-alls! And other realizations of how the rise of technology has affected our lives.


TechKnow: Constant Digital Craving

Screw the soup, Mr. – little Oliver wants a PS3.


TechKnow: Slowing Our Global Roll

What we have on the Internet at the moment is a global village with some dodgy side streets. Some international interests are advocating new 'construction', if you will -- using materials that are more to their liking.

Yusuf Osman & Kimberly Springer

TechKnow: Paranoid Much?

You know how some people still fear that a camera turned on one's visage captures one's soul? Well, some part of our selves is certainly caught up by today's 'watchful' technology.

Yusuf Osman & Kimberly Springer

TechKnow: Walkme-Talkme

At the rate cell phone technology is developing, we'll need a built-in GPS that can be read on our phones' LCDs so that we can navigate a crowded sidewalk without having to look up from our PDAs.

Yusuf Osman & Kimberly Springer

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