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'Ring of Fire': Jewel as June Carter Cash

Ring of Fire offers a glimpse into the opportunities and costs June encountered, as she transitioned from her place in the Carter Family ("the First Family of Country Music") to being married to Johnny.


'The Mindy Project': A Day Out

The lesson Mindy learns here is not the obvious one, say, that her fantasy is false. Instead, the episode turns into a broader commentary on such romcom fantasies.


'Malibu Country': Reba McEntire Returns

Malibu Country provides yet another tailor-made vehicle for Reba McEntire.


It's Back to Capital 'P' Politics in 'The Good Wife'

Alicia can't escape how the scandal has turned her into a symbol and token, but she has found new ways to make her peace with her new roles.


'Political Animals' Charts an Alternative Path for Hillary Clinton

A Secretary of State who commands respect and endures indignities, she solves world problems, stares down bullies, and makes the men around her behave, whether they're rattling sabers or grabbing her ass.


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'The Good Wife': Will Alicia Still be Good?

At this late hour, Peter sees that to destroy Alicia or even Will is to destroy himself.


'Bones': Just Don't Call Him Shorty

The new season of Bones celebrates Bones' extraordinary high-achieving rationalism, and nevertheless chastises her when she tries to apply her reason to relationships.


'Dancing With the Stars' Season 13 Premiere

Once again, Dancing With the Stars celebrates big personalities and finds drama in its contradictory politics of casting and voting, not to mention dancing.


'Drop Dead Diva' Season Three Premiere

Drop Dead Diva's high concept premise -- Heaven Can Wait meets Legally Blonde -- leads to reactionary gender politics.


'The Closer' Sixth Season Return

As usual in The Closer, professional and personal politics intersect.


'Gene Simmons Family Jewels': Hawking History

Gene Simmons Family Jewels has, to this point, been a predictable celebrity family reality sitcom that goes for easy laughs and mundane domestic plotlines. This makes it all the more surprising that the sixth season premiere is serious. Holocaust serious.


'Finding Hulk Hogan': High Drama

This Hulk Hogan is looking back on the dissolution of his marriage, the implosion of his family, and the failure of his own health.


'The Big Bang Theory' Season Four Premiere

The real target of The Big Bang Theory's satire is the arbitrary, self-serving stupidity of mainstream culture.


'Bones' Season Six Premiere

A love letter to group synergy and the fruits of hard labor, the Season Six premiere makes its own case for the team's existence.


Growing Up Twisted

Dee Snider's family is like one big, mulleted, leopard-printed group hug waiting to happen.


'The Hills' Series Finale: Speidi Happens

In the wake of the Hills-created fame monster Speidi, no one can pretend to believe any of it anymore.


'The Closer': Season Six Premiere

In the new season of The Closer, the squad's new building -- all long hallways and shiny interview rooms -- brings out still more of Brenda Johnson's behavioral tics.


'Entourage' Season Seven Premiere

Equal parts satire and love letter, Entourage underscores how tenuous hegemonic masculinity is -- and how much it depends on everyone playing his part.


Saving Grace: Season Four Premiere

The season premiere of Saving Grace sets the stage for a major showdown, with Grace as the central chess piece.


Sons of Tucson: Series Premiere

Sons of Tucson reaffirms family unity while also poking fun at the stereotype by celebrating Ron and the kids' ability to lie and scam.


Modern Family: Series Premiere

In Modern Family, the several families comprise one big multicultural "Circle of Life."


Bones: Season Five Premiere

The new season of Bones brings Cyndi Lauper guesting as a psychic, the return of Seeley Booth's funky socks, as well as the best screwball romantic team on TV.

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