Don't You Forget About Us: 'The Breakfast Club's Generation X is Eternally Relevant

Teenage angst about being alive but unnoticed, perfectly captured by Simple Minds' song, permeates the pre-social media era of The Breakfast Club.


'The Kissing List' Wanders Through Early Adulthood

This is a compelling concept, but it would have benefited from a more meaningful examination of how it feels to be 20-something.


'Nurse Jackie: Season Three' is More of the Same -- But That's a Good Thing

Although Nurse Jackie’s third season isn’t quite as strong as it has been in the past and would benefit from a deeper analysis of Jackie’s personality, its many good performances and its clever blend of comedy and drama make it worth watching.




We All Have to Decide How Much Sin We Can Live With: 'Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season'

With its government corruption, political scandals, bruised soldiers just home from war, and catastrophic financial losses due to the original Ponzi scheme, this '20s tale isn't much different from politics and business these days.


Things Fall Short in 'Hung: The Complete Second Season'

With his monotone radio-announcer voice and wooden mannerisms, Ray is missing what Richard Gere had in American Gigolo—the smooth suaveness required for smart, wealthy women to fork over wads of cash for his services


'The Good Wife: The Second Season' Is Torn from the Headlines

A lawyer coping with the aftermath of her husband’s political scandal and run for the state’s attorney’s office struggles to keep her family together while navigating her challenging career.


'The Conspirator' Is Emotionally Vivid

Mary Surratt’s trial in the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is a complex story about motherhood, family, loyalty and fairness.


'True Grit' Brings Out the Best in the Coen Brothers

This is a character-driven, emotional movie wrapped in a fast-paced, entertaining plot. And although the story takes place long ago, Mattie’s inspirational example of strength, perseverance, and finding one’s own “grit” is timeless.


Christian Bale Delivers a Knockout Performance in 'The Fighter'

The usually handsome Christian Bale—a master chameleon—physically transforms into a frighteningly thin, haggard, balding, twitchy, and wild-eyed addict who never stops moving his jittery limbs.


'Conviction' Doesn’t Overturn a Sister’s Faith

Devotion, sacrifice, perseverance, justice, love, and hope are the themes that permeate this adaptation of a true story based on the fierce and lengthy battle Betty Anne Waters faced to free her older brother from a life sentence.

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