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Tori Amos As a Jukebox: The 10 Songs Amos Should Cover

We've selected the top ten covers Tori Amos should consider performing on the US Leg of her Unrepentant Geraldines tour.


Don't Call It a Comeback: Tori Amos on Her Elegant 'Unrepentant Geraldines'

In a year when '90s staples like Beck and Neneh Cherry are delivering records of substance, Amos is delivering yet another quiet storm. But is it in fact the "comeback" some want to make it?


A Langeducation: 10 Essential Jessica Lange Scenes

Furious smokers, farm wives, iconic theater roles, women on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and a small truckload of little gold statues. Obviously, we are counting down Jessica Lange's 10 greatest scenes.


Brooklyn Musician Aris Goes to Church with Paula Cole

Aris, who released Twilight Revival in September, recently performed "I Believe in Love" with Grammy-winning artist Paula Cole to a packed house.


A Walk with Love and Death: The 'Essential' Courtney Love Cobain

One of the most notorious icons in pop culture talks exclusively with PopMatters about shedding scales to create her signature style of performance, codes of silence at movie star tennis brunches, and how a very famous actress once slipped her a mickey at the Russian Tea Room.


Director Spotlight: Ken Loach: Ladybird Ladybird

On the occasion of his newest film, IFC's The Angels' Share, Statuesque highlights some of iconic UK director Ken Loach's best and brightest contributions to cinema. Today Statuesque looks at the bravura performance of Crissy Rock in Loach's dramatic fable.


Samuel Goldwyn Company


Why Has Jennifer Jason Leigh Never Been Nominated for an Oscar?

The first in a new Statuesque series that looks at the work of some of the most perplexingly-snubbed people in Oscar's history and tells you how many nominations we think they should have by now.


Best Supporting Actress Rewind: 1982

1982 saw a rising star named Jessica Lange score a trophy in the Supporting Actress category for what was essentially a lead role in Tootsie, in the same year she was nominated as Best Actress for Frances. Statuesque obviously adores all things Lange, but the award in this category actually should have gone to one of her co-stars.


Another One Bites the Dust: Nicole Kidman Snubbed Again

Can you believe how many times Nicole Kidman has been snubbed by Oscar? Neither can we!


Best Supporting Actress Rewind 1996

1996 was one of the strongest years for potential nominees in this category in recent memory. As usual, most were overlooked by voters for some inexplicable reason.


Matt Mazur's 2012 Film Honors

There are some hidden gems hiding under a bunch of rocks out there. You just have to dig a little...


Best Supporting Actress Rewind: 1990

Did Oscar get this category's line-up all wrong? In the Best Supporting Actress category, this is usually a rhetorical question.


Best Actress, Mira Sorvino in 'Union Square'

Director Nancy Savoca’s Union Square finds Mira Sorvino back in top form as Lucy a turbulent, blithe spirit drifting in and out of the life of her straightlaced sister Jenny (Tammy Blanchard).


Five Things About 'Django Unchained' You Need to Know

The standout Supporting Actor performance from Django belongs not to Leonardo DiCaprio...


Is 'Cloud Atlas' a Noble Failure? Maybe Not.

Critics have called it “exasperating” and “contradictory” but isn’t the film’s brand of riskiness what the movies are all about?


Sally Field and the Art of Giving a Great Speech

Having just won the Best Supporting Actress citation from the New York Film Critics Circle, Field is a now threat to take home yet another Oscar. Will her infamous award speeches cinch the deal?


For Your Consideration: Best Supporting Actress, Carmen Ejogo in 'Sparkle'

Loosely based on the gritty 1976 original, the new film never quite takes off and because of this actress Carmen Ejogo’s blisteringly soulful performance will very unfortunately not be getting the awards attention it so richly deserves.


Awardsmania, PopMatters-Style: Statuesque Begins Today

PopMatters is pleased to present our first-ever blog dedicated to covering awards races of all stripes: Statuesque.


Tori Amos - "Precious Things" (theme and variations)

The three performances featured below serve as striking evidence that Amos nurtures rather than neglects her songs as they age, each successive performance expanding on the mythology and narrative of the world she’s created.

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