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Sargasso Sea

The BBC-Wales version of this classic has Chai yelling, ‘Enough with the tragic mulattoes, already!’


The Concrete Dragon by Thomas J. Campanella

Campanella describes the new skylines of China from Shanghai to Beijing to Guangzhou with an expert’s eye and novelist’s wit.

May-lee Chai
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A 'Loving' Memorial

Mildred Dolores Loving was one of those quiet American heroes who changed the course of US history.


Black Space by Adilifu Nama

A thought-provoking and timely exploration of white racial anxieties as projected onto black males in science fiction films.

May-lee Chai

Cylons in America: by ed. Tiffany Potter, C. W. Marshall

While thought-provoking and well-researched, this book is only for hard-core Battlestar Galactica fans who also happen to like academic essays.

May-lee Chai

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