Looking for the Next Best Version of America? Abrams Wrote the Book on How to Achieve It

"Try this at home": With her latest work, Our Time Is Now, Plotter-in-Chief Stacey Abrams offers a timely playbook for how to ensure free and fair elections in America.


Crapification Syndrome: When Hilarity Slides into Nausea

No one living in America today can escape the blast radius of the questions raised in Wendy A. Woloson's Crap.


Shahidha Bari's 'Dressed' Is a Well-packed Suitcase

Reading Dressed is rather like the experience of wandering through a department store or a friend's well-curated closet.


What Has a Real Critic Got to Offer? On Stephanie Ross' 'Two Thumbs Up'

Stephanie Ross' book on aesthetic philosophy, Two Thumbs Up, can be used as a dissertation template. Just expect -- like a critic -- to argue with it, at times.


Phuc Tran's Existential Trip of a Memoir, 'Sigh, Gone'

Phuc Tran's smart, tough memoir, Sigh, Gone, might launch a broken down kid to read 150 great books—for free, at the local library.


Blues Everywhere She Goes: Odetta

Ian Zack's biography gives the often-overlooked Odetta a chance to keeping shining that little light of hers.


Are You, Too, a Walking Manifesto?

We are living in a season of manifestos and Breanne Fahs is our queen. Our guidebook: Burn It Down!: Feminist Manifestos for the Revolution.


Rebecca Solnit Attains Peace of Mind

The fact that Rebecca Solnit still exists is all the proof we need that her feminist thinking remains vital.


Figuring It Out with "Reverse Dracula", Wayne Koestenbaum

Figuring out some arguments by exegesis: a witty conversation with author, artist, and academic, Wayne Koestenbaum.


All Academics Must Become Fans of 'Fandom as Methodology'

It would be a snap to design a super engaging graduate-level course in a variety of Humanities disciplines around Fandom as Methodology.


'Face: A Visual Odyssey' Is All Over the Place, But Hey, So Are Faces

When was the last time you went an entire day without encountering a face? Probably literally never.


Sady Doyle Is a Witch. So What Are You Afraid Of?

You'll want to share Sady Doyle's Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers, a #PMPick, with the rest of your coven and all the little girls in your orbit.


On Steve Almond's ​Feeling-Fueled Rant on John Williams' 'Stoner'

Sink into the metatextual delights of a touchstone ranting about his own touchstone with Steve Almond's Stoner and the Battle for the Inner Life.


Hashtags: Can't Live with 'em, Can't Live without 'em

How are humans regulating the internet through hashtags? What kind of algorithms are generating the content in your feeds? Best read Elizabeth Losh's Hashtag.


Make Time Read John Berger and Selçuk Demirel's 'What Time Is It?'

Although the topics in John Berger and Selçuk Demirel's excellent What Time Is It may instinctively feel morbid and fraught, the overall effect is quite satisfying, even tranquilizing.


Ever Have That Theory About Feelings About Theory in Grad School?

Graduate school, everyone? The glory of Jordan Alexander Stein's Theory is that it unmasks both the utility and the futility of theory.


Philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel's Essays Make It Fun to Ponder, 'Am I a Jerk?

Eric Schwitzgebel's excellent and accessible philosophy in A Theory of Jerks and Other Philosophical Misadventures would be great at parties—just open up to any random three-page essay, read it aloud, and let the conversation flow.


Elizabeth Bucar's' Pious Fashion' Is a Highly Valuable Book for a Wide Variety of Disciplines

You don't even know what you don't know about how Muslim women dress until you read Elizabeth Bucar's Pious Fashion.


Patti Smith's 'Year of the Monkey': Is She Evolving? Are We?

Year of the Monkey makes clear that the Godmother of Punk still delivers every time. But what have we done to Patti Smith with our worship?


On Helen McClory's Parasocial Love for Jeff Goldblum in 'The Goldblum Variations'

Metatexually dazzling yet absurdly soothing, Helen McClory's The Goldblum Variations will put a dent in your bad vibes.


'Our Shoes, Our Selves'? Or Our High-Heeled Shoes, Our White-Skinned Selves?

There are several broken heel stories in fashion photography book Our Shoes, Our Selves, but no stories that elucidate how to break with the expectation of heels.


'Frame of Mind' Depicts Women in Punk Music, Unfiltered

With Frame of Mind, Antonia Tricarico takes her rock 'n' roll photography of women down into the mosh pit.


The Kid Is Alright: Andrew Slater's 'Echo in the Canyon'

Music documentary Echo in the Canyon beautifully captures Jakob Dylan's search for the best lessons in collaboration from pioneering California Sound supergroups.


Terry Eagleton's 'Humour' Is Neither Too Prude Nor Too Erudite

Terry Eagleton's Humor wisely makes no argument beyond a survey of all the ways one can debunk some portion of all preceding theories of humor.

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