Crammed Discs


Various Artists: Rogues Gallery

Aarrrggh, ye mateys, this here's buried treasure: a Hal Wilner-produced collection of bawdy sea chanteys and pirate songs by big stars, such as Sting, Bono, Lou Reed, Lucinda Williams, Nick Cave, and Richard Thompson -- but the Popeye-voiced Baby Gramps steals the ship and leads us to uncharted waters of resistance.


Luna: The Best of Luna and Lunafied

In Luna, Dean Wareham quipped his way through New York's arty-boho, high-society set over a cinematic soundscape of catchy melodies, guitar textures, and chugging Velvet Underground-inspired rock.


Norfolk & Western: A Gilded Age

The troubles of the modern world, reflected in a thrift-store mirror with a gilded frame.


Tengir-Too: Music of Central Asia, Volume 1: Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan

The nomadic Kyrgyz music of the mountains becomes a new nomadic sound in the emporium of world music.


Quasi: When the Going Gets Dark

An album of political frustration and rage from the duo, Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss.

Michael J. Kramer

Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy: The Brave and the Bold

Superheroes of "post-rock" join forces to run cover songs through a perverse sonic blender.


Hall Ranaldo Hooker: Oasis of Whispers

The kind of album that goes below the radar both sonically and commercially, this Sonic Youth side project by guitarist Lee Ranaldo, multi-instrumentalist Glen Hall, and free-jazz drummer William Hooker is destined to be rescued from obscurity fifty years from now as a long-lost whisper from the past.


Konono No. 1: Congotronics

Their music accepts the distortion, overtones, and surprising sonorities of contemporary life, but re-imagines instrumental power from the trash heap of modernity.

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