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Lazerbeak and ICETEP Team As Night Stone for Dance Music Goodies

The new debut from producers Lazerbeak and ICETEP, Night Stone offers dance and electrosoul that harkens back to the depths of a club that, for now, is largely inaccessible.


Dan Deacon Creates Shimmering, Welcoming Electropop on 'Mystic Familiar'

Mystic Familiar keeps Dan Deacon's signature musical appeal while utilizing a few new tools. The album delivers on the camaraderie and musicianship you expect from the Baltimore producer.


Pet Shop Boys Deliver Another Glorious, Smart, and Relevant Pop Album with 'Hotspot'

Four decades in the music business is no small feat, and yet the Pet Shop Boys enter the new decade sounding just as current and catchy as the pop landscape they helped construct.


British Producer Mura Masa Gets Experimental and Nostalgic on 'RYC'

Mura Masa's RYC turns towards nostalgia and ends up stunting the promise of his previous work, although it shows a willingness to experiment that proves the producer is still one to watch.


'Cheap Queen' Establishes King Princess' Talent

Cheap Queen undoubtedly establishes King Princess' talent, but it encounters issues with contrived affectations and productions that show less experimentation than seen on previous singles.


Shura Herself: A Conversation with the Pop Singer About Her New Confidence and Sound

Electropop's Shura chats with PopMatters about her latest album forevher in which she infuses soulful grooves into her sound. Shura is currently touring the US and is set to begin her European tour in November.


'Charli' Sometimes Sounds at Odds with Charli XCX

The long-awaited third LP from Charli XCX is here at last, and nearly half-a-decade of anticipation weighs heavily on the artist and everyone else's expectations.


Blonde Redhead's Kazu Examines Her Life on Solo Effort 'Adult Baby'

On her first album independent of Blonde Redhead, Kazu Makino arrives at a new stage in life, one she examines with the curiosity of a beginner.


Friendly Fires Bring Some Necessary Euphoria to Summer with 'Inflorescent'

Friendly Fires' first album in eight years, Inflorescent, brings the band's poppy, vibrant sensibilities to their full blast, a euphoria people definitely need in 2019.


Mabel Doesn't Quite Hit Those 'High Expectations'

On her debut album, Mabel McVey confirms her knack for upbeat, dancehall-tinged R&B. Unfortunately, it relies on trends everyone's heard before, including Mabel herself.


Clairo's 'Immunity' Exudes a Cool Composure That Belies Its Problems

"Don't you know that life is rarely ever fair?" Knowing this truth doesn't make living any easier, yet Clairo's Immunity hints at the positives of acknowledging this lesson.


Hold Your Own: An Interview with Kate Tempest

On any given day, you may see Kate Tempest working as a poet. Or maybe a playwright. Or a spoken-word artist with hip-hop connections. As she celebrates the release of her third album, she reflects on where her place is in Britain's powerful cultural moment.

Mick Jacobs

Detroit Love: An Interview with Electronic Music Pioneer Carl Craig

Prolific electronic artist and label head, Carl Craig reflects on his most recent work, the state of music today, and his illustrious career.


Experimental Artist Laura Misch Shows Fresh Ways to Play the Sax on 'Lonely City'

Experimental saxophonist and vocalist Laura Misch brings her instrument into her subtle soundscapes, crafting a vibrant but brief world in the process on Lonely City.


Weyes Blood Gets Cinematic on 'Titanic Rising'

Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering) conjures up a beautiful, cinematic world through with her insightful songwriting on Titanic Rising.


Jai Wolf's 'The Cure to Loneliness' Is Missing That Something Special

With his long-awaited debut, The Cure to Loneliness, Jai Wolf pleases listeners without ever leaving much to remember.


Vendredi sur Mer Brings a Breath of Summer with 'Premiers Émois'

Swiss-born, Paris-dwelling pop artist, Vendredi sur Mer's debut, Premiers Émois, is as expansive, warm, and unrestrained as the ocean she takes her name from.


Lion Babe Hits the Sophomore Slump with 'Cosmic Wind'

As far as talent goes, Lion Babe boasts it in abundance, but originality remains in short supply on their sophomore album, Cosmic Wind.


Nilüfer Yanya Is More Assured Than Ever on 'Miss Universe'

Big without the "bang", Miss Universe poignantly showcases the young talent Nilüfer Yanya coming into her own on her own terms.


Blaqk Audio Blends '80s Electropop with Modern Sounds on 'Only Things We Love'

As alternative rock and hip-hop overlap through Soundcloud rappers, Blaqk Audio highlights an alt-rock pivot towards electronic music with Only Things We Love.

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