'New Girl' Is Going Nowhere

As someone who’s yet to eat whatever ergot is making everyone idolize Zooey Deschanel, my feelings toward her range from indifference to mild anxiety. I don’t want to stare longingly into her half-dollar-sized eyes; I find them unsettling.


Graceful Grief: 'Nicole Kidman 4-Film Collection'

If, after taking in Cold Mountain, you’re not yet sick of watching Kidman wield enormous shotguns, she does this plenty more in The Others, where she plays -- you’ll never guess -- a woman trying to hold a household together as she awaits a lover who may or may not be returning from war.


'Doomsday Preppers': Planning for the End of Times

If you’re a statistically average person, what are your chances of following these people’s lead and successfully preparing for social collapse? Well, pretty long, unless you have quite a few acres of land lying fallow in the country and a couple hundred thousand extra dollars.

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