French Rapper Nekfeu Creates One of the Year's Best Hip-Hop Albums with '​​Les étoiles vagabondes'

Through a discerning balance of Nekfeu's competitive rap instincts and the contemporary trend of embracing grief in sixteens, Les étoiles vagabondes excels as a multifaceted, exhilarating and ultimately inspired body of hip-hop.


Maverick Sabre Has Made His Best Album with 'When I Wake Up'

The third time's the charm for Maverick Sabre, who dextrously combines the past and present in a measured, soulful album, abound with ardour and fellow feeling.


There Is More Musicality to Be Found on 'Dummy Boy' Than Previous 6ix9ine Projects

There are no quotables to be found on 6ix9ine's Dummy Boy; no multisyllabic rhyme schemes, piquant punchlines or elegiac tales of struggle; this is rudimentary rap, to be consumed loudly and disposed of quietly.


Lupe Fiasco's 'Drogas Wave' Could Have Been a Great Album with a Bit of Editing

There is nothing gratuitous about Lupe Fiasco's message. His subject matter is consistently humane, frequently empowering and always substantial.


Noname Stands Front and Centre of the Movement Redefining the Contours of Rhyme on 'Room 25'

Noname's Room 25 is vintage neo-soul and future rap hand in hand; a soulful sanctuary for those turned off by the austerity of mainstream mumble rap.


'Kamikaze' Is Eminem at His Midlife Best, Slightly Less Deviant, But Revived, Nonetheless

Kamikaze is the result of Eminem's anguish; a scorched earth assailing of anyone who dared to doubt or diss him, that sees the Detroit rapper return to resentment for his muse.

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