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Marty Beckerman Talks About Love in the Time of JNCO Pants

Marty Beckerman talks about his hilarious new novella, '90s Island, the "infantilizing" nature of nostalgia, and why the truly cool people never got frosted tips.




Patricia Volk's Shocked' Is a Memoir, All Dressed Up

Three lives—a mother, a daughter, and a fashion designer—in exquisite miniature.


Sex, Drugs and Bleakness In Tao Lin's 'Taipei'

A Taiwan McDonalds, an Ohio mansion, a Brooklyn bookstore, and a pit of existential despair: Lin's third novel will certainly take you places.


'Smart Casual' Tells You What Happened to Your Maitre D'

Documenting the sea change in fine dining from hidden kitchens and floral arrangements to celebrity chefs and free range everything: we've come a long way, baby.


'Total Frat Move' Updates Animal House in a Depressing Way

Pride, honor, and eating a Marlboro cigarette sandwich: this fictionalized account of fraternity life is somehow too grotesque to be shocking.


Lovely and Superfluous: 'Grace: A Memoir'

Grace Coddington's memoir is a one-woman oral history of boldface names, significant memories, and wit. But in the end, the narrator has no clothes.


'Inside Coca-Cola' Spreads the Gospel of Capitalism and Sugary Beverages

Neville Isdell worked at Coca-Cola his entire life. His memoir documents his career in the kind of open and straightforward prose that one wouldn’t necessarily expect from the chairman of the place whose raison d’être is a top-secret formula.

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