The Chemistry of Cluelessness in Michael Schur's Sitcoms

Stupid people have a home in Michael Schur's smart comedies.


Sound and Silence in FX's 'The Americans'

Quiet on the set! Nathan Barr's Emmy-nominated theme song -- and his at times chilling soundtrack for this tale of Russian spies in America during the Cold War -- is now available on CD.


The Light and Dark​ Music in ' Mr. Robot': A Conversation with Mac Quayle

Emmy-winning Composer Mac Quayle is one of the best in the TV soundtrack business. His mastery of synthesized instrumentation is perfectly suited to Mr. Robot's theme.


Good, Bad Place: Season One of 'The Good Place' Upended Expectations

Michael Schur's sinister community design used the ideals of the American Dream to fool its characters and its audience; what sort of critique will be built into season two?


Philosophy for X-Philes

The X-Files and Philosophy ponders deeper questions, both in Mulder's and Scully's world and our own.


Negotiating Technological Creep

Mind-blowing TVs, dog poop dropping drones, and other thoughts from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

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