JARV IS... - "House Music All Night Long" (Singles Going Steady)

"House Music All Night Long" is a song our inner, self-isolated freaks can jive to. JARV IS... cleverly captures how dazed and confused some of us may feel over the current pandemic, trapped in our homes.


The Killers - "Caution" (Singles Going Steady)

The Killers go for the big hooks and singable anthems on "Caution", but opinion is sharply divided about the song's merits amongst our Singles Going Steady panel.


Lilly Hiatt - "Some Kind of Drug" (Singles Going Steady)

Lilly Hiatt sings about a different kind of love on "Some Kind of Drug". Hers is for a city and the impact gentrification has had its soul.


Miranda Lambert - "Bluebird" (Singles Going Steady)

Miranda Lambert sings her blues the way an artist paints with them on her latest single, "Bluebird".


The American Robot: A Cultural History [By the Book]

In The American Robot, Dustin A. Abnet explores how robots have not only conceptually connected but literally embodied some of the most critical questions in modern culture, as seen in this excerpt from chapter 5 "Building the Slaves of Tomorrow", courtesy of University of Chicago Press.

Dustin A. Abnet

The Weeknd - "In Your Eyes" (Singles Going Steady)

With "In Your Eyes", Toronto's premier Michael Jackson cosplayer, the Weeknd, has advanced his visual brand while parking his music in the summer of 1984.


Little Mix - "Wasabi" (Singles Going Steady)

A missive directed toward their haters, Little Mix's "Wasabi" is defiant and confident. It's a musical reminder to ignore the critics and strive towards authenticity.


Margo Price - "Twinkle Twinkle" (Singles Going Steady)

"Twinkle Twinkle" sounds like the kind of song you blast on your drive through the Mojave – fuzzy guitars playing edgy psychedelia against Margo Price at her most devil-may-care.


Perfume Genius - "On the Floor" (Singles Going Steady)

"On the Floor" is the Perfume Genius we've been wanting: heartfelt songwriting delivered through sunny, sumptuous pop-craft.


Austra – "Anywayz" (Singles Going Steady)

Austra's "Anywayz" is a musical exploration of the fear associated with leaving someone and the even more frightening realization that life continues. It's also stunningly gorgeous.

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus: the Series, the Call for Papers

#Coronafirus #COVID19 #Pandemic: Love in the Time of Corona Virus is a new and hopefully short-run PopMatters series of art and life and the art of living in these times of global health crisis.


Philippa Lowthorpe's 'Misbehaviour' (Film Flash)

Misbehaviour retells a bold tale of female empowerment in an expected place: the beauty pageant.


Lady Gaga - "Stupid Love" (Singles Going Steady)

Lady Gaga and the Broadway cast of Cats beam down to one of those inhospitable planets from the first series of Star Trek and hold a Power Rangers meet Mad Max themed dance-off.


Haim - "The Steps" (Singles Going Steady)

Haim's "The Steps" is flawless -- memorable, intense, and with a chorus that's like a French kiss and a slap in the face at the same time.


Dixie Chicks - "Gaslighter" (Singles Going Steady)

"Gaslighter" works as an enthusiastic anthem to mark Dixie Chicks' return. The song is full of infectious pop hooks delivered loudly with a smile and a sneer.


#HashtagActivism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice (Excerpt)

#Powertothepeople! The humble hashtag has given power to the powerless, thus helping to engage citizenship and cultural belonging. Enjoy this excerpt of #HashtagActivism, courtesy of MIT Press, written by influential members of hashtag activism networks.

Sarah J. Jackson, Moya Bailey, Brooke Foucault Welles

PopMatters Seeks Music Critics and Essayists

If you're a smart, historically-minded music critic or essayist, let your voice be heard by the quality readership of PopMatters.


Waxahatchee - "Lilacs" (Singles Going Steady)

Waxahatchee's "Lilacs" is the song we didn't know we needed. It's a beautiful teaser for Saint Cloud, out 27 March.


Jessie Ware - "Spotlight" (Singles Going Steady)

With "Spotlight", Jessie Ware delivers a smooth pop masterpiece of driving rhythms, understated vocals, and lyrics of longing and lust.


Disclosure - "Tondo" (Singles Going Steady)

On "Tonto", Disclosure loop their signature hi-hats with bass, a saxophone, and the joyous voice of Eko Roosevelt.


Grimes - "Idoru" (Singles Going Steady)

Creative, existential bondage for the sleep-deprived, Grimes' "Idoru" is better than any hallucination Titanic Sinclair could dream up for Poppy this week.


Four Tet - "Baby" (Singles Going Steady)

Four Tet's "Baby" feels like a magic carpet ride through history, absorbing unlimited wonders. It's a CGI-designed Disney ride for Four Tet lovers.


15 Essential Tracks from the New Zealand Pop Underground

Recorded for $60 in an island country near the bottom of the globe, "Tally Ho", the debut single by New Zealand's the Clean, was an unlikely candidate to be an international game-changer and a defining moment for a pop movement. Here's a sampling of essential tracks by 15 of New Zealand's finest acts.

Mike Noren

Dan Deacon - "Fell Into the Ocean" (Singles Going Steady)

On "Fell Into the Ocean", Baltimore electropop producer Dan Deacon teaches us that you can make anything a fortune cookie if you try hard enough.

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