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Debut Novel 'Older Brother' Straddles France, Syria, and Sibling Suspicions

In Mahir Guven's debut novel, Older Brother, a young Frenchman's return to his country from war-torn Syria derails his older brother's life.


Debut 'The Most Fun We Ever Had' Brims with Emotional Intelligence

Cleverly, Claire Lombardo's novel The Most Fun We Ever Had de-romanticizes motherhood even as it sanctifies it.


When Harper Lee Came up Short: 'Furious Hours'

Casey Cep traces Harper Lee's winding road to defeat in Furious Hours.


'Lake Success': It's All About Your State of Mind

If you wade into Lake Success, or even just repose on its banks, are you primed for a life of achievement and glory, similar to the way taking a dip in the River Styx renders you invulnerable?

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