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Sixteen Years Later Waylon Payne Follows Up His Debut

Waylon Payne details a journey from addiction to redemption on Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me, his first album since his 2004 debut.


A Certain Ratio Return with a Message of Hope on 'ACR Loco'

Inspired by 2019's career-spanning box set, legendary Manchester post-punkers A Certain Ratio return with their first new album in 12 years, ACR Loco.


20 Years Ago Barenaked Ladies Found Maturity with 'Maroon'

Released back in September 2000, Maroon saw Barenaked Ladies confronting adulthood and leaving novelty behind.


Black Marble Meet 'Johnny and Mary' on New Covers EP

On I Must Be Living Twice, Black Marble pleases fans with studio versions of recent live covers of songs by Robert Palmer, Wire, the Field Mice, and Grouper.


The Redemption of Elton John's 'Blue Moves'

Once reviled as bloated and pretentious, Elton John's 1976 album Blue Moves, is one of his masterpieces, argues author Matthew Restall in the latest installment of the 33 1/3 series.


'Stratoplay' Revels in the Delicious New Wave of the Revillos

Cherry Red Records' six-disc Revillos compilation, Stratoplay, successfully charts the convoluted history of Scottish new wave sensations.


Scott McCaughey Is Scott the Hoople with Sad Boxes and Singing Chickens

Recorded last month in his basement, Scott the Hoople's (a.k.a. Scott McCaughey's) Sad Box & Other Hits is a low-key collection of quality pop quaran-tunes.


From Argentina, Las Kellies Invite You to 'Suck This Tangerine'

Argentinian post-punkers Las Kellies channel a legendary Athens, Georgia band, but this Suck This Tangerine is no paint-by-numbers affair.


From Norway and Oregon Come the No Ones with a Potent Dose of Classic Jangle Pop

Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck's the No Ones took their sweet time on their debut, The Great Lost No Ones Album, but it was well worth the wait for any indie or pop fan.


Cassowary Debuts with a Jazz-Funk Gem

After debuting on a 2015 record by childhood friend Earl Sweatshirt, Cassowary merges jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop on his self-titled debut album and creates a jazz-funk gem.


Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad Proclaim 'Jazz Is Dead!' Long Live Jazz!

Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad bring their live collaborative efforts with jazz veterans to recorded life with Jazz Is Dead 001, a taste of more music to come.


Electropop's CMON Feel the Noise on 'Confusing Mix of Nations'

Pop duo CMON mix and match contemporary and retro influences to craft the dark dance-pop on Confusing Mix of Nations.


Country Music's John Anderson Counts the 'Years'

John Anderson, who continues to possess one of country music's all-time great voices, contemplates life, love, mortality, and resilience on Years.


Yumi Zouma's 'Truth or Consequences' Is Social Distancing Set to Music

Yumi Zouma, a once-New Zealand-based band whose members scattered to four different cities around the world, return with a sparkling new pop album about distance, Truth or Consequences.


Doing the Damn Thing with the Soul Motivators

The Soul Motivators, one of Canada's leading funk bands, do the damn thing on their sophomore album. And they strongly encourage you to as well.


Sam Doores Creates Dreamy New Orleans Music By Way of Berlin

The new solo album by the Deslondes' Sam Doores is a beguiling brew of old rock 'n' roll and New Orleans R&B, with a hint of Berlin experimentalism.


Son Little Greets the Complexities of Life on 'Aloha'

On Aloha, Son Little ponders the ambivalence of life and love, and decides he could be right. Or he could be wrong. Either way, the music is soulful and comforting.


Steep Canyon Rangers Go Symphonic on 'Be Still Moses'

Celebrated bluegrass band Steep Canyon Rangers collaborate with their hometown Asheville Symphony on a new collection that will appeal to longtime fans, as well as those who only know of the band through a banjo player named Steve Martin.


The Seshen Return Feeling Kind of 'Cyan'

San Francisco alt-R&B/electropop group, the Seshen tie musical and emotional threads together beautifully on Cyan.


Pop Music and Cultural Resistance in Nigeria via Apala

A new Soul Jazz Records compilation presents Apala songs, created to reject colonialism and celebrate recent independence in late 1960s Nigeria.


yMusic Explore 'Ecstatic Science'

Ecstatic Science, the fourth album by modern ensemble yMusic, provides a satisfying snapshot of contemporary classical music in 2020.


Plugging Into the Third Mind

Alt-rock supergroup the Third Mind launches a musical adventure that brings Alice Coltrane and Roky Erickson together and doesn't forget the guitar solos.


Christopher Paul Stelling Wishes You 'Best of Luck'

On his new album, Best of Luck, folk music's Christopher Paul Stelling chronicles his period of transition in a way that could resonate deeply with listeners.


Big Hair, Big Voice, Big Twangy Guitars, Tami Neilson's Back

Rockabilly singer Tami Neilson hosts a brief but potent party straight from New Zealand on her new album, Chickaboom!

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