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Mixed Media

Moonlight Breakfast Get Funky on "STOP"

Romanian duo Moonlight Breakfast blend synthpop and disco into a highly addictive funky confection on "STOP".

Mixed Media

POESY's "Diamonds" Is a New Pop Anthem

Canada's POESY (aka Sarah Botelho) possesses a big voice that can truly sell a song.


West London's WheelUP Merges Broken Beat and Hip-Hop on "Stay For Long" (premiere)

West London producer WheelUP reached across the pond to Brint Story to bring some rapid-fire American hip-hop to his broken beat revival on "Stay For Long".


PM Picks Playlist 4: Stellie, The Brooks, Maude La​tour

Today's playlist features the premiere of Stellie's "Colours", some top-class funk from the Brooks, Berne's eco-conscious electropop, clever indie-pop from Maude Latour, Jaguar Jonze rocking the mic, and Meresha's "alien pop".


Electrosoul's Flõstate Find "Home Ground" on Stunning Song (premiere)

Flõstate are an electrosoul duo comprised of producer MKSTN and singer-songwriter Avery Florence that create a mesmerizing downtempo number with "Home Ground".


PM Picks Playlist 3: WEIRDO, Psychobuildings, Lili Pistorius

PopMatters Picks Playlist features the electropop of WEIRDO, Brooklyn chillwavers Psychobuildings, the clever alt-pop of Lili Pistorius, visceral post-punk from Sapphire Blues, Team Solo's ska-pop confection, and dubby beats from Ink Project.


PM Picks Playlist 2: Bamboo Smoke, LIA ICES, SOUNDQ

PopMatters Picks Playlist features the electropop of Bamboo Smoke, LIA ICES' stunning dream folk, Polish producer SOUNDQ, the indie pop of Pylon Heights, a timely message from Exit Kid, and Natalie McCool's latest alt-pop banger.


Dream Folk's Wolf & Moon Awaken the Senses with "Eyes Closed" (premiere)

Berlin's Wolf & Moon are an indie folk duo with a dream pop streak. "Eyes Closed" highlights this aspect as the act create a deep sense of atmosphere and mood with the most minimal of tools.


PM Picks Playlist 1: Rett Madison, Folk Devils + More

The first PopMatters Picks Playlist column features searing Americana from Rett Madison, synthpop from Everything and Everybody, the stunning electropop of Jodie Nicholson, the return of post-punk's Folk Devils, and the glammy pop of Baby FuzZ.


GLVES Creates Mesmerizing Dark Folktronica on "Heal Me"

Australian First Nations singer-songwriter GLVES creates dense, deep, and darkish electropop that mesmerizes with its blend of electronics and native sounds on "Heal Me".


Otis Junior and Dr. Dundiff Tells Us "When It's Sweet" It's So Sweet

Neo-soul singer Otis Junior teams with fellow Kentuckian Dr. Dundiff and his hip-hop beats for the silky, groovy "When It's Sweet".


Lars and the Magic Mountain's "Invincible" Is a Shoegazey, Dreamy Delight (premiere)

Dutch space pop/psychedelic band Lars and the Magic Mountain share the dreamy and gorgeous "Invincible".


Big Little Lions' "Distant Air" Is a Powerful Folk-Anthem (premiere)

Folk-pop's Big Little Lions create a powerful anthem with "Distant Air", a song full of sophisticated pop hooks, smart dynamics, and killer choruses.


Mobley Laments the Evil of "James Crow" in the US

Austin's Mobley makes upbeat-sounding, soulful pop-rock songs with a political conscience, as on his latest single, "James Crow".


Alt-pop's merci, mercy Warns We May "Fall Apart"

Australian alt-pop singer-songwriter, merci, mercy shares a video for her catchy, sophisticated anthem, "Fall Apart".


London Indie-Poppers the Motive Impress on "You" (premiere)

Southwest London's the Motive concoct catchy, indie-pop earworms with breezy melodies, jangly guitars, and hooky riffs, as on their latest single "You".


Thaba's "Warrior" Is Electropop Rooted in South African Pop Traditions

On their single "Warrior", Thaba blend beautiful melodies and gentle electronics and beats to create a new form of electronically-based South African electropop based on mbaqanga and kwaito.


Pop's Cristina Hart May Be a "Bad Girlfriend" But She's Honest

London's Cristina Hart may be a "Bad Girlfriend", but she has a way with a catchy dance pop tune.


Ade Mai Sings "I Love You More" as He Celebrates New Adventure

Ade Mai is a rising folk-pop singer originally from Finland but now based in Bournemouth, and his new single "I Love You More" is an instantaneous earworm.


Darlingside's Folk-Pop Shimmers and Shines on "Green + Evergreen"

Folk pop's Darlingside share "Green + Evergreen" from the upcoming LP, Fish Pond Fish. As usual, Darlingside sport divinely gorgeous harmonies, so beautiful they really drive the song.


Irish Alt-Pop Artist Rebekah Fitch Faces Loss on "Dust" (premiere)

Irish alt-pop singer-songwriter Rebekah Fitch possesses a powerful and moving voice filled with emotion, and her latest single "Dust" is a gorgeous elegy on loss.


BAERS Debut the Cabaret Pop of "Augen Zu"

BAERS are a new pop-rock band out of Germany that marry cabaret-esque vocals to funky bass, hook-filled hummable choruses, and a dash of Weimar flair on "Augen Zu".


GOSS Creates an Electropop Anthem with "Everybody's Going"

Denmark's GOSS is a rising electropop artist with a penchant for creating anthemic earworms, with "Everybody's Going" the latest.

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