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SXSW: The Good The Bad and The Ugly Fest

What once began as a regional music festival that invited people to sample a local artistic community has become a spring break bowel movement and a corporate invasion that leaves the city blanketed in a cindering Dresden of bad faith branding.


SXSW Music: Finding the Diamonds in the (Very) Rough

Although the big brands wouldn't have you know it, there's still lots of talented, indie bands littering the SXSW landscape. You just have to know where to look.


SXSW Music: Hitting Up the Day Parties

The atmosphere at the Scratched Vinyl SHowcase was one steady thump of laidback head-nod while amazing emcees jumped in with the loving crowd, who rose halfway up to meet the performance.


SXSW Music: Doing Things the Old Fashioned Way

One writer dares to brave the new world of SXSW music without *gulp* proper credentials.


High End Lowlifes

Bitterly tiny inhabitants of a tedious itinerary-driven world, most of High Society revolves around the ways in which these cruel and insensitive people seek to damage each other's mystifyingly outsized egos.


Why 'Hoarders' Should Merge with 'Judge Judy'

These people are sad, but it is a sadness wholly self-imposed, accumulated over years of lacking a critical inner voice.


Nneka: Concrete Jungle

Nneka clearly views pop art as a mechanism for transformation and vision, in the way that John Lennon and Bob Marley used both in a dizzying concoction of myth and talent.


Decon Inc

Performing Arts

Stop Me If You Think That You've Seen This Grammys Before

The Grammys seem like a festering boomer leftover, far removed from the present where major labels live in post-apocalyptic decline.


Film: Four Boxes

Director: Wyatt McDill; Cast: Justin Kirk, Terryn Westbrook, Sam Rosen; Runtime: 85 minutes


Film: Still Bill

Director: Alex Vlack & Damani Baker; Cast: Bill Withers, Dr. Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Sting, Jim James; Runtime: 77 minutes


Film: Crude Independence

Director: Noah Hutton; Runtime: 70 minutes


Film 2009: Make-Out With Violence

Director: The Deagol Brothers; Cast: Eric Lehning, Cody DeVos, Leah High, Brett Miller, Shellie Marie Shartzer, Tia Shearer, Jordan Lehning, Josh Duensing; Runtime: 105 minutes


SXSW Film 2009: Say My Name

Director: Nirit Peled; Cast: Aaries, MC Lyte, Big Manda, Miz korona, Chocolate Thai, Monie Love, Dr. Roxanne Shante, Mystic, Eryka Badu, Princess and DIamond, Estelle, Remy Ma, Georgia Girls, Rha Digga, GTA Crew, Sparky Dee, Invincible, Shanika, Jean Grae, Trinie; Runtime: 75 minutes


SXSW Film 2009: Sissyboy

Director: Katie Turinski; Cast: Mark (Zebra) Thomas, Lee Kyle, Devan McGrath, Benjamin Porter, Jeffery Kriescher; Runtime: 68 minutes


Video and Song of the Year

Many Moons - Janelle Monae


Pulp Diction

Ghost House - "Samuel L. Jackson"

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