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"Everything Is Everything": 25 Moments That Make 'Marriage Story' Fall Apart Masterfully

It's the little things that make and break marriages and movies. In the case of Baumbach's Marriage Story, it's 25 little things.


Dead Can Dance Offer Up a Brief, Largely Instrumental Album with 'Dionysus'

Dionysus satisfies and demonstrates that Dead Can Dance are still alive, but it would be better with more vocals from Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.


Aretha Franklin: The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970

Aretha Franklin's The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970 documents how the Queen of Soul earned her crown.


The Drive Inside: An Interview with the Crystal Method

Once a duo, the '90s dance kingpins the Crystal Method are now just one member: Scott Kirkland and his many guests. Kirkland talks to PopMatters about losing a member, the changing of the scene, and how they got their name in the first place.


Alice in Chains Revive Their Classic Sound Again on 'Rainier Fog'

The main issue with Alice in Chains' Rainier Fog is that the band never climbs from the bottom to the top of that mountain to give us all of their range. Still, a solid effort.


Nevermore's 'The Complete Collection' Does a Superb Job in Capturing the Metal Band's Career

Nevermore's The Complete Collection does an excellent job of gathering what we do have from a band that had much more to give.


Negative Press Project Celebrates the Music of Jeff Buckley on 'Eternal Life'

Jazz/art-rock ensemble Negative Press Project creates a fulfilling, mostly instrumental set of covers and translations of Jeff Buckley's timeless music.


AUTOBAHN Unleashes a Dark Engine with 'The Moral Crossing'

Leeds' AUTOBAHN release a bleak, moving, and dark engine of an album in The Moral Crossing.


Greta Van Fleet: From the Fires

Is Greta Van Fleet the second coming of Led Zeppelin?


Nine Inch Nails: Add Violence

A pinch of The Fragile, some With Teeth, a helping of Downward Spiral, a few cups of Hesitation Marks, and a dash of Broken at the end.


VISIONIST - "No Idols" (Singles Going Steady)

"No Idols" is both a compelling celebration of the human form, identity and desire and the intensity of nature's uncaring demand for survival.


The Five Phases of Metallica: A Case Study in Catalog Organization

A layperson takes a stab at music sabermetrics by tracing Metallica's success and failures through these five phases.

William Nesbitt

Roger Waters: Is This the Life We Really Want?

It’s not quite a lost Pink Floyd album, but it gives a sense of what they might sound like now.


Moby: More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse

Moby continues to flip though and blend genres and, like a slot machine, he may eventually hit another jackpot, but for now the symbols aren’t lining up and paying off.


Evillive, Nuclear Blast

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