Ulli Bomans: Sort by Dragging

Ulli Bomans may deal mainly in moods, but his music still has a profoundly eerie pulse.

Ulli Bomans

Sort by Dragging

Label: Shitkatapult
US Release Date: 2016-03-25
UK Release Date: 2016-03-25
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German producer and electronic musician Ulli Bomans deals in moods. Musical components like beats and melodies, while still present in his music, take a backseat to the carefully cultivated sense of urban decay that Bomans conjures up so frighteningly well. His second solo album Sort By Dragging is another installment of spooky electronic minimalism seemingly incapable of disappointment. Sure, it can be a gloomy ride. Album closer "Screensaver" sounds downright lost and hopeless compared to more anchored tracks like "One Piece Missing" and "Cheap Seats", but it's hard to get bent out of shape when this noir sounds so good at the outset. The only downside to Sort is that doesn't find its footing until the third track, the harrow-chorded "Nicotine". From that point on, you're set. You're free to bump into all the brick walls and robots in the dark as you please.

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