Living in a "Hifidelic" World With Upright Man (premiere)

Photo: Sloane Morrison / Courtesy of Earshot Media

New York rock trio Upright Man walk the fine line between cynicism, optimism, adolescent, and adult on their new single, "Hifidelic".

New York City's Upright Man's self-described hi-fi rock digs deep into the crevices between classic rock, progressive rock, and grunge. The group's sophomore release Hifidelic takes listeners on a wild ride that encapsulates each of those influences and yet renders each almost unrecognizable in the outfit's collective hands. Guitarist Aidan Dolan, bassist Nick Katz and drummer Max Yassky (all of whom offer their vocal talents to the mix) shine on the title track.

Cracking drums, gut-warming bass and lyrics that capture the short walk between cynicism and optimism, "Hifidelic" imagines a more sedate but no less irate iteration of the Jam, the alley walk between the adolescent hijinks of the Replacements, and the refined pop of latter-day Soul Asylum. The single is a cracking good state of the union that reveals multiple layers upon repeated listens.

The trio tell us, "This is an anthem for the modern world. We can't control all the craziness around us, but we can say fuck it and have a good time. Sometimes chaos is beautiful."

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