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Various Artists - Ram on L.A. (MP3s)

Sarah Zupko

Aquarium Drunkard has just announced a very worthy benefit project for No More Landmines. The site has gathered a number of L.A. bands to record a tribute to Paul McCartney's RAM (1971). The project is available for free download at Aquarium Drunkard, but you are heartily encouraged to make a donation to No More Landmines, a cause supported by Sir Paul, in exchange for the music.

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1. Too Many People – Earlimart

2. 3 Legs – Frankel

3. Ram On - Parson Redheads

4. Dear Boy - Bodies of Water

5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey – Radar Bros

6. Smile Away – Naptunes

7. Heart of the Country - Los Baby Fools

8. Monkberry Moon Delight - Le Switch

9. Eat at Home - The Broken West

10. Long Haired Lady – Amnion

11. Ram On (reprise) - Parson Redheads

12. The Back Seat of My Car – Travel by Sea

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